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This is a post I’d like to call “Ode to Heidi” or “What I’ve learned from Heidi“.

Heidi is the gem that started Iron Chef-blogstyle:

If you are keeping count, that is 4 links to Heidi’s blog….

So, this is what I’ve learned from participating in Heidi’s Iron Chef-blogstyle carnival:

-BOY, do I ever need new kitchen equipment. *Seriously*

-I can COOK! No, really! I’ve been enjoying this a LOT! (get up off of the floor, Mom, I’m not lying 🙂 ) And I’m not bad at it at all!

-There are more spices out there than just salt, pepper, and chopped onion. Ummm, does chopped onion count as a spice? That’s the Lazy Cook’s onion secret for when a recipe calls for CHOPPED onion. {ahem} I only wish I was kidding….

-I need to clean my oven. Heh. Yeah.

-Kids LOVE to cook! And more importantly, I really enjoy doing it with them. It’s one of those mindless activities that kids (translation: ESPECIALLY TEENAGERS) will open up and really talk while they are doing it. Kind of like talking while you are driving somewhere, no one’s looking at each other, guards’ are down…honest talking happens. 😉 All parents of teenagers can thank me for that tidbit.

-Sadly, on that note, when the kids make brownies, they turn out like this (I say sadly, because my Inner Baker has died):

Look at that ooey-gooey, yumminess….that moist delicious-ness….hang on, let me wipe that drool off of my keyboard….

The kids actually made those! The recipe was from Heidi and it was HOMEMADE and simply the.BEST.EVER.

Which brings me to my next point:

-I can make HOMEMADE food from actual RECIPES. The Family joke of “If it doesn’t come from a BOX or CAN, it didn’t come from Dana’s Kitchen”…NO LONGER APPLIES! I can do it all.by.myself!

(a silent tear of sheer pride is rolling down my Mom’s cheek at this moment. I LOVE YOU, MOM! You knew I could do it…)

And my last point, and on a tragic note:

-I seriously need to stock my kitchen with COOKING stuff. I have no blender. My crockpot met a terrible end after being dropped well over a year ago. I have 3 cooking spoons, 2 spatulas that are both broken at the handle, and 1 strainer that strains much more than just water. I have no George Foreman grill. Zero whisks. And no toaster oven. But I have a microwave that could probably fit a small car inside.

I know, I liked that microwave part too. 😀 Jesus, bless the microwave-maker, please…

So, in honor of Heidi, because she has taught me so much, NEXT month, I want everyone to check out her blog, check out the recipes, and try them out.


{cue applause}

Thank you, Heidi. On behalf of all horrible cooks out there, WE SALUTE YOU!