I had the IMMENSE pleasure of photographing a Gap model! Or was it Aeropostale? American Eagle?


No, he just could be a model for any one of those.

Every once in a while, we get to photograph people that the camera LOVES, and my camera for SURE fell in love with this handsome face:

I mean, really….look at this face!

But, he is no model, at least not YET. LOL This is my incredibly photogenic nephew. My only nephew, and he is precious. He is much like my own 2 boys: all boy. Enjoys superheroes, basketball, football, bikes, and anything outside. He also knows how to entertain himself doing any or all of the above things. Just like my own boys.

He is growing up way too fast and I enjoy spending time with him. I mean, look at that smile, how could you NOT love him?

He just has that sweet nature that makes you want to snuggle up with him while he’s watching Batman. Or Justice League. Or X-men.

Thank You, Lord, for Shane. Thank You for bringing him into our lives and blessing us with his smile. Give him joy and peace, and direct his steps, Lord, he is precious….