I have been having AWFUL computer problems. I had high hopes of getting a new one, but you know life….plan things….plans fail…..no computer. I had saved some money, but between Mike missing a day of work to go on the Youth float trip, and my right front tire threatening to fall OFF (NO JOKE), my computer money is getting sucked up fast. Breaks my heart, it does.

And as I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself, doubting my calling for photography with all the crap going wrong, and in that still quiet voice I hear “if I called you….I’ll provide.” OK, Lord, I’ll quit my cryin’ then. And I’ll trust that You will take care of this. Lord, I wait patiently for You to blow my mind. 😀

And I get on to attempt to edit photos, knowing full well how long it has taken me in the week to edit a handful of photos, and lo and behold, the hamster inside my computer decided to hop on its wheel and WORK!

I was able to finish editing my last photo session, and begin the beautiful photos of my nieces and my little sister! If it weren’t close to midnight, I’d finish them up. But I have to get my car into the shop first thing in the morning and PRAY they can fix it the same day since EVERY teacher in the Youth, including the Youth minister will be GONE on Sunday….except Mike and I who apparently have zero life. Nice. {ahem} I’m not jealous. Not at all. Really. I’m OK. Don’t stare at me like that. I know what you’re thinking.

I’ll distract you with beautiful photos then… 😉

My beautiful nieces:

DSC_5065 WEB

DSC_5057 copy

And my sweet baby sister:

DSC_5071 BW

Hopefully, my darn computer will work again tomorrow and I can edit the 100 photos I’ve taken in the last 2 days. heh. Yeah, really. 🙂

If you wouldn’t mind….send up a little prayer for a new computer. My entire photography career, or whatever this is I’m doing, hinges on it.