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This young man is simply delicious! He has incredible eyes and that was the feature I wanted to bring out, but it was important to try to cover his skin condition and help him to look “normal”. (If Photoshop had an action for insanity, I’d be “normal” in MY pictures….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Original photo:

My fix:

-I used my healing tool (little band-aid-looking tool in Photoshop) on the parts I could fix first.

-Then, whatever I could clone, I cloned from healthy skin on his face to help cover the unhealthy skin.

-I then took my little lasso tool and went all around the red places on his face til the little ants were marching around all the red spots I wanted to fix. (Little ants…it’s a technical term for “SELECTION”)

-I went into Hue/Saturation and selected only the RED from the pull down menu in Hue/Saturation and reduced the red in that selected area by 44%.

-After I reduced the redness, I used my Mama’s powder action to smooth out the skin. In some places, I used it at 70%, but then to help blend it in and not make him look plastic, I reduced the other areas down to 30%, making sure I used my brush at 0% hardness to help blend it better. When I use the smoothing action, I never go over anything that I want to keep SHARP: eyes, hair, nostrils, mouth, and jaw lines. It just helps it to look a little more natural and not mannequin.

-Adjusted the shadows a little darker just to help make his face POP out a bit more.

-Burned the highlights on the right side to help bring focus to his face.

-Sharpened using USM at 80/1/0

-And finally, I cropped in closer to his face. This is a preference, and I preferred having a nice close up of his beautiful face. Close crops are addicting, huh, Pam?

I knew I didn’t want to take it the easy route with just converting to black and white, BUT, I still wanted to do one. LOL I’m just a fan of black and white. And of course (LOOK PAM!!), an even CLOSER crop. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s their faces I like….

Thank you, MuddyBoots, for letting me play with your photo! He is seriously handsome!