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Do you ever have that ALL-KNOWING feeling when you are exactly where God called you to be?

Yes, I’m still confused and still seeking God over Missions, but the last few weeks, I’ve really been praying and trying to find the answers to that whole MISSIONS question. Not really a question…just….I don’t know…it’s there.

But in my seeking, I’ve asked God to remove me from OTHER areas if I’m no longer effective. I only want to be where God puts me. I only want to do what God wants me to do. Does that make sense? I think few people actually do that. I don’t want to hinder or distract the flow of the Holy Spirit in an area for my own selfish desires, or for my own personal gain. Make sense?

OK, so moving on, I’ve been asking God to confirm for me that I am where He wants me to be. (Just a smart thing to do…) And He has been so faithful to me in showing me, and allowing me to SEE why I am teaching where I teach, how I am being effective, and why I’m doing what I do.

In the last few years, we have been blessed with a very easy group of kids. But as our Youth group is growing, it has brought a whole new group of kids that are more….needy? That need more time and attention. That is NOT a bad thing, it just requires a lot more time and attention. There’s no slacking off, I have to bring my ‘A’ game EVERY Sunday and Wednesday. Also another good reason to confirm my calling.

And, I’ve also found a new blog that I LOVE: Stuff Christians Like (thanks Pam 😉 ). It is HILARIOUS!

Last week, he wrote a blog about the 11 kids every Youth group needs and I laughed so hard and pictured the faces of so many of our youth that could fit the description! LOL

So, in honor of Jon, I am making my own cast of characters. Having taught in the Youth department for quite a few years, I’ve seen ALL kinds, this only be some!

Cast of characters often seen in Youth groups:

The Brains: this is the one that always knows the answers to all the questions asked. Also, strangely, knows how to unlock doors without a key. These are the ones that win all the contests to memorize the most verses. This is one of those MUST HAVE characters.

The Too-Cool-for-Sunday-School: these are the kids that are just too cool to be at church. Probably there because their parents make them. They don’t like to be called on to do the work events, but if there is a FUN event, they are the first ones there. But only if it’s cool. Then they are last to arrive. When it’s cool…this group usually has Followers:

-The Follower: this group usually always follows one of the OTHER groups. This group only goes and does what the Host group does. If the Host group (say the Too-Cool group) doesn’t go to the Game night, this group will not go either. This is also the group that you have to watch closely that they do not fall prey to one of the more BULLYING groups.

The Gigglers: Every Youth group has one of these. Usually the Junior high girls. This is the group you can be assured is NOT paying attention in class or church and is probably passing notes about The Too-Cool group. Any mention of The *S*E*X* talk brings a fresh outburst of giggles. Do not bunk next to this group at Camp. But they are GREAT to scare. {evil, maniacal laughter} These are also the SCREAMERS at camp. Not that I know anything about scaring them and making them scream. Not at all. I would never know that putting a rubber snake in one of the showers makes EVERY*MEMBER* of this group scream. I am nice. All the time. heh.

The Hugger: This is the lady that must hug all the males, whether in the Youth Group or not. And not the kind of hug that says “WELCOME TO CHURCH! I love God and I love my church, and I am SO EXCITED to see you!” No, this is the one that hugs for her own personal enjoyment. {shudder} And if you fall victim to one of her hugs, you can never back out of the hug ever again. When you see whole groups of Youth boys leaving in ONE direction, you can be assured she’s coming from the opposite direction. This is the one you MUST watch when you have new, younger Youth moving up, and at all events, especially movie nights, or sleepovers. Sometimes, this group can be reached, and when and IF she is, she will have a powerful testimony. If not, she will have affairs with all the married men in church once she is grown. This one sometimes falls into the category of The Flirt.

The Flirt: Sometimes, but not always, the Hugger and the Flirt go hand in hand, but not always. This is the one that goes to all the events for the sole purpose of flirting with all the boys. She doesn’t usually go to church unless there is a special event. But if you can get her to come on a regular basis, you will have a FRESH CROP of young youth boys coming to church to see the Flirt. This can be a good thing. You WANT to make sure she is saved as soon as possible to use her powers for GOOD and not evil. Sadly, The Flirt may also go hand in hand with:

The Flasher: This is the one that takes every opportunity to show their bodies. They are shocked when you ask them to cover up their, ahem, ASSETS. You will often get the excuse of “but my MOM bought me this shirt” or “but its HOT”. You must be firm with them. And don’t be fooled, this can come in either MALE or FEMALE form….you know, the guy that rips off his shirt at every sporting event, or cuts off the shirt from shoulder to bottom hem to allow plenty of girls to see their awesome pecs and abs ventilation. In girls, it translates into short skirts/shirts/shorts and low and very revealing shirts. They like to bend over a lot. This is a dangerous group. I would give them a terrorist threat level of ORANGE.

The Missionary Dater: This is the one that dates ALL non-Christians and they start bringing them to the church, but as soon as the dating ends, 99% of them disappear and are never seen again. In some tragic events, they fall victim to The Flirt. Not good.

The Science Experiment: this is usually one of the youngest, or smallest in the group. They fall victim to other groups very easily and in order to “fit in” they eat the weird food concoctions, eat a large amount of food in a very short amount of time, OR, are dared to wear weird things to church for the enjoyment of the other groups.

The Scary: this is the one that comes to church with jet-black hair, earrings in odd places, and lots of scars. This can be the one you suspect of gang activity or that secretly smokes behind the building between services. If this teenagers allows God to get them, the world is in trouble! This is the one you want to watch and minister to, for 2 totally different reasons. Sadly, this is also the one that usually gets kicked out the most from churches because they can be TOXIC.

The Drummer: regardless of whether or not they play a percussion instrument, they drum on EVERYTHING!

The Emotional Worshipper: this is the teenager that cries at all services, goes down for every invitation, and needs counseling on a continuous basis not necessarily for real. This can be done for attention-getting purposes like the Flirt, the Flasher, and the Hugger. This is in the same category as those: if they can get it for real, and not for attention, there’s no stopping them. They will be great evangelists. However, more often than not, it’s just for attention and they never allow God to fully encompass their lives. Warning: if you are NOT diligent, you can miss a teenager that genuinely needs a lot of prayer, support and encouragement because of a bad home life, abuse, etc. These are the ones that come to church because it is SAFE for them. They need the extra love and support. The Lazy Youth Worker will miss this kid.

Watch for later posts on Cast of Youth Workers!