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I LOVE this weeks theme! (…wait…do I say that every week? I think I do…) But what more FUN can bubbles be? I took this photo when I was trying to learn indoor photography using natural light. Learning exposure can be hard, but that is my one piece of good advice: PRACTICE ALL YOU CAN, and READ READ READ! πŸ˜‰

(I’m there for you….)

July 116

Because I am a contributer with my beloved iHeartfaces I can not WIN, but I can sure enter. (And weirdly stalk all the other entries…. πŸ˜€ )

Edited to add: I have been asked several times now how I did the post processing for this photo of my daughter. So, here ya go, my multiple step, ever so detailed and difficult secret:

Hue and saturation. {blush}

That’s it. I went into my hue and saturation and with the slider, slid it down as far as I liked. This is just a preference I preferred. I originally did it in black and white, and it just wasn’t the same, so I went back to this. After I had the muted tones I liked, I adjusted levels to bring up the mid-tones, and darken the shadows (helped with the bubble details as well).

Thank you all so much for the KIND comments!