Funny how quickly panic can set in huh? LOL

But today has been spent being pro-active: actively praying and actively seeking.

I’m seeking God’s will for myself and my family.

And I’ve been actively praying the biggest part of today, good, strong prayers of a faith-based woman of God.

Thank you all for letting me freak out for a second….and then firmly redirecting me to where my help comes from! I ended the day much better than how I began it.

And I’ll share a picture I took yesterday morning of Egg #1 (the one that purposefully tries to look rough and tough in all the pictures I take of him? That Egg #1). Yesterday was the first day of school, and this is how he chose to begin the year. Oh please, may this be a glimpse of the year to come! But I thought the verse was so fitting for today as well.

(Please remember, all photos are copyright protected.)