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I have to say, this is one of the few photos I’ve actually staged. I don’t normally do that because I don’t like that sort of thing. Not really my style…ya know? But some challenges I just have to….like the silhouettes, that I had to stage as well. All the other ones are photos I’ve taken not knowing a theme, and then added them in whichever week they match.

This week is not, however. And I don’t really mind at all. I had a vision in mind of what I wanted and I set it up. I also think these challenges make us think outside the box sometimes, and that is what I was going for. I wanted to climb outside my “box” and do something maybe a little different. (And watch, I’ll go and stalk the other blogs and everyone else has had the same idea. HAHAHAHAHA)


DSC_5364 WEB

And why it means so much to me and gives me that “nostalgic” feeling:

There are some things in our lives that may not mean the world to anyone else, but to us, we’d run into a burning building to save. These are those items. Monetary value is pretty small, but my heart would break if anything happened to them.

The box was my husband’s “treasure box” from his childhood. The first lace hankie is the “wedding hankie” that belonged to my much loved, very missed Grandma Leona and she carried in HER wedding and we have all carried it since. My husband’s class ring (I wore this while we were dating….awwwww….). My Mother’s pearls that my Dad gave her on their wedding day and I wore on my wedding day and Brooklyn has now worn for special pictures and will wear on her wedding day. My Grandma Leona’s engagement ring that I was given when she passed away and I’ve worn almost daily since (14 years) and Brooklyn will inherit when I pass. My Dad’s (and Uncle’s) baby ring, still tied on the ribbon that my Grandma put it on. Brooklyn’s baby bracelet, a gift from my parents at her birth. And Mike’s Grandma’s hankie that was given to us when she passed.

I only wish Brooklyn could still fit in my Dad’s Christening gown that she wore at her baptism….wouldn’t that just make the AWWWWW factor? Yes, and I’m also the one that put Brooklyn into the going home from the hospital outfit that I went home in. Gosh, and I forgot my Mom’s wedding Bible we all carried in our weddings…wait, maybe I need to re-stage this….LOL just kidding….

I’m a sucker for all things old and nostalgic. It’s a way of remembering the past and the people that mean so much to us.

**And I am a contributor for iHeartfaces, and am not eligible to win, but it doesn’t stop me from shamelessly stalking all the other amazing photographers. πŸ˜‰