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This photo was submitted by Jaclyn of one of her daughters. And, this particular is one of TRIPLETS! Can you imagine having such a stunning face….on 3 faces?? She is simply gorgeous!


This is one of those photos that we say have “good bones”, easily adjustable because the basic photo is lovely. So my play on it became one of sheer fun, and not so much trying to “fix it”.


-ran Pioneer Woman’s 70s action on it because I love that action with all of my heart. Then flattened the image.

-I like my photos with a little more drama, so I opened up my levels and bumped the midtones up a bit, and dropped the shadows down a bit for a little more drama.

-I cropped the image because I personally do not care for centered portraits, I think it adds more drama to be cropped to the rule of thirds.

-then I burned the edges to bring the focus to the Beauty where I wanted it.

-then for fun, I added the quote on beauty because you can’t possibly see this young lady without seeing her beauty and grace. I think it adds another dimension to the photo. Flattened the image again.

-Sharpened with unsharp mask set to 80/1.6/0.

I added other plays, including a black and white close crop of her face, a traditional crop “fix” of the color issues and a fun vertical collage on my blog. Gosh, and I’d trade her in a HEARTBEAT the collage file for one of her hats! OH MY! Be still my heart…

DSC_0207 copy

DSC_0207 BW

Gosh that face is gorgeous…I could have cropped in even closer just because I love looking at those eyes….I wonder if she is as angelic as she looks….I know my Brooklyn’s not. HAHAHAHA

(Hey, Jaclyn……collage for the FLOWER HAT ….hook me up…. LOVE the hats!)