Dear Jaclyn:

You are a Genius.

Pure Genius.

I received the hat I won in the giveaway, and it is simply DELICIOUS! Completely soft…

It wasn’t meant for her, but to use for photography, but Brooklyn had other ideas….

She has claimed it.

Now, you need to add baby coccoons and shawl infant wraps for portraits…. πŸ˜‰ You are a Genius, and I thank you!



(feel free to use the pictures if you’d like.)

(And any Etsy custom clothes/boutique designers need a photographer and a model? She wears a 3/4, and I work to keep the outfit only.)


To the Makers of Excedrin, Allergy Medications, Serta, and Pepsi:

I love you.


A tired, worn out Mom riddled with bouts of insane sneezing.


To the Makers of MAC computers:

I am enrolling in President Obama’s Cash for Clunkers deal. But I want it for my computer. Pictures should not take so long to edit. Computers should not need to be restarted every flippin’ 8 hours for them to work correctly. I should not be receiving the “Windows is low on virtual memory” error message like acne on a teenagers face. Translation: CONSTANTLY.

I just want a computer that WORKS. I do have specifications of course: it must have TONS of space and the memory must be outstanding. Mine has alzheimers and it isn’t working out so well for me.

And it must be free.

You have a kajillion dollars, and I have…well…..about 27 cents. Nope….I was mistaken….Brooklyn stole my quarter…..I now have 2 cents. Penny for your thoughts?


an over-worked Mom trying to make ends meet. Except, I believe the ends are found on opposite sides of the globe, so they can’t even see each other right now.


Dear ABC, NBC, and CBS Executives:

There is way too long between seasons. And you are seriously overpaid, and are overpaying your actors. A million dollars a show is ridiculous. For that kind of money, I’d…..well….I won’t say what I’d do, but it would be something seriously entertaining.

By the time the season begins again, I’ve forgotten who George was and why I cried so hard when I realized he died.

Work more.


A tired, worn out Mom who needs a distraction


Dear sons:

Please close the door when you P*E*E. I don’t want to see your *J*U*N*K.

And look where you are going, please.

AIM for goodness sakes.


The Mom who is going to secretly clean your *P*E*E mess with your toothbrush if it happens again.


Dear Nikon Makers:

I want your D700 please.


a Mom trying to suppliment her income and feed the kids.


Maintenance for now is done until I can get my free computer from MAC. Wait, that probably won’t happen. {shrugs} So as soon as I can get the new pictures edited, I’ll edit the About me page. For now, I’ve updated some of the other ones.

And now, I’m off to stalk my blogs!