I’ve noticed a change lately.

One I love to see.

We missed church tonight because we’ve had kind of a rough week. Mike has been having chest pains (of sorts) since Monday. He has been trying to save money……by taking his blood pressure medication only 3 times a week instead of everyday! I had NO idea he was doing this, and then he ran out of medicine completely last week and didn’t say anything. He cannot do this. It is dangerous for him to be doing this. Darn man.

Wait. That’s not what I love to see…..but it’s background for what I had to say.

Monday, I realized I had set back $100 for a bill, and then promptly forgot about it and paid the bill with other money. Mike was OVERJOYED to hear this because HE had been praying that God would provide the money for his medications! There was the money.

So tonight, we decided to take it easy and stay home and try to keep him as calm and relaxed as we could. I called a friend of mine to let him know that we would not be coming and why.

Now, in most churches, you’d expect for an older deacon to stop by, maybe the Pastor, but if we are really honest with ourselves, we expect…….no one to come. You’ll hear the “Oh, we’re praying for you!”.

But, who should show up on our door step? 2 of the young men from church, and by young men, I mean college age.

Gosh, he’s just barely out of high school! OK, maybe it’s his 2nd year of college, I’ve known this young man since he was in GRADE SCHOOL though!

These are the absolutely INCREDIBLE young men that showed up at my door to pray with us over my handsome honey.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Our church has grown and developed into something far more than just a church. It is a community of believers that reaches out to its members.

And you would expect to see it with the older members of the churches, the Sunday School teachers, the Pastor and staff. But to see it in YOUNG adults? That is new. That is the power of Christ growing in our young adults’ hearts and changing not only their life, but the lives of people around them. It is exchanging their selfish hearts for the heart of Christ. It is seeing little buds of fruit blossoming and maturing on the Vine.

Now that is a beautiful thing.

Wanna know another beautiful thing?

Chandler went down Sunday morning to be BAPTIZED! So, in the next few Sundays, I’ll be able to PHOTOGRAPH the baptism of one of my OWN children!

{Dance of Joy}

And, even though the week has been so stressful with Mike’s health scare, God has been giving me all these little tidbits of JOY so my chest won’t collapse from all the pressure. πŸ˜€

My very dear friend Hannah had her BABY yesterday!!! A gorgeous baby GIRL!

I missed her birth by MINUTES! ARGHHHHH!!! But it didn’t stop me from getting some jaw womb-dropping photos…

Daddy holding his brand new daughter for the first time….go ahead and cry, no one will know. (unless you are actually WITH them and taking pictures, then embarrassingly bawl like 4 times over things like cute little inky-feet….)

Makes you wanna have another one, huh Mr Daddy? πŸ˜‰

(That was subtle, huh, Rachel? ) They’re having a giveaway over there too, if ya wanna hit that link and grab you me something uber cool…. πŸ˜‰

Maybe someone else will have a baby and I’ll actually MAKE the birth for the gooey-jelly-baby-first-photos. I don’t want any girlie bits in the picture, just jelly-baby…..still steaming from the oven. {sigh} What a sight….OK, someone get on this baby thing for me so I can photograph that….and then fly me out to wherever you are so I can catch it…..

I’m terribly off subject. Big shock. I’m just thankful for a God that is loving and kind enough to bring me through a scary week with more joyful moments than scary. A God that loves me enough to make sure I know He is still here.

And He’s still moving.