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This was the question put to us this weekend. Who is Jesus to us?

This past weekend was one of those weekends that you need a week to recover from, but also one of those weekends that turned out so much better than you anticipated.

If I can be completely honest… I was not looking forward to this weekend. 24 hours with young teenagers, overnight, up late, up early, all day plans…..I figured I had offended Jeff in some way (probably this blog πŸ˜‰ ) and this was his payback. An overnight with all the Youth will fix me right up…..tire me out so I would have no energy to blog….I know his evil plan….. πŸ˜€

So all day Friday, I was planning for the weekend: packing overnight bags for all the kids, sleeping bags and pillows, making sure I had enough spare cash for Saturday…..and mentally, I was praying for some act of God to prevent having to do this. (I’m not proud of my reluctance, I’m only being honest about it. I’m a tired woman with too much on my plate…)

And I am totally ashamed of myself. Yes, it was work, but most things I do are, it was just a different kind of work. It was bonding with teenagers new to the department. It was getting to know them and their personalities. It was laughing over silly stuff and begging Jeff for chocolate chip cookie dough (thanks Jeff!). It was seeing these new, very young middle-schoolers worship Christ in a way that is different from Sunday morning. And it was seeing them learn how to share their faith…..and then seeing them apply that newly obtained information in public…losing their fear, and jumping in with both feet!

Like we learned from Michael, we can’t walk the walk, talk the talk, but not DO the dance! And anyone can go to a mall and share with strangers, but what about going to school (or work) and sharing your faith there? Your walk and talk must be held up by the dance you do. (Sharing your faith)

Living our faith, sharing WHO Jesus is to us, living a life the way Peter said to live….the world will hate us!

It’s funny that Michael would say this, the last few weeks, I’ve experienced that. If you ask any random person, they are all “Christians”…or what I lovingly refer to them as: country club Christians. But to actually put it to the test, get into an actual conversation with some, you quickly learn they have no idea what being a Christian means. When you hash it out, get down and dirty with it, you see who is really doing the dance, and who has no clue. I’ve had that opportunity lately to honestly have that conversation with people that have professed their faith, but when you shoved all the churchy stuff aside and let the truth swim to the top…..they are only Christian on the surface: a country club Christian happy to live life as they please knowing their fire insurance policy is up to date.

Word of advice for those afraid of offending people: do not point out the above fact to them. They do not like it very much, and you will no longer be welcome in their circles. Thank you, that “country club” may have revoked my membership….. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I digress….

This weekend was perfect. It was exactly what we all needed. Thank you, Jeff for doing the work to pull it all together and letting me come play. Thank you, Michael, for allowing God to move in your life and spill out all over us who were priviledged to hear you. And thank you, Gordon, for taking Chandler under your wing and letting him watch and learn how to share his faith with boldness the way you do.

And when we were done on Saturday with all our Youth plans, I was able to go with this incredible Youth speaker, and shoot him and his team…

(Need a Youth speaker for a great Disciple weekend like this one? Check out Michael….he’s a good, GOOD guy!)

And yes, now I’m ashamed I wasn’t looking forward to this weekend. But as a reward for not bailing….or killing anyone….

….THIS was my reward….

…seeing and photographing my youngest son be baptized. πŸ˜€ Oh yes…Jesus is good to me, even when I don’t deserve it! (Look at that little foot bobbing up out of the water!) πŸ˜€ LOL

Do the dance!