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iHeartfaces is having a “Life in Pictures” entry with a theme of “My favorite things”. And since I don’t suffer from diarrhea of the mouth πŸ˜‰ and shamelessly share everything on here anyway….here’s a few of my favorite things:

Obviously, my first love is Christ Almighty. I love that Christianity is the only religion that is based on a personal relationship with Him, not one of duty or fear or heritage. I love that my faith is based on God’s GRACE, and not on anything I could do to be good enough. He loves me right where I am. He made the ultimate sacrifice, so I didn’t have to. All I have to do is believe. Sadly, I have no pictures of Him. I have pictures of people in His Presence though, which is almost as good:

My honey is another of my very favorite things. We are very different, and yet, somehow, our 18th wedding anniversary is coming up in February, and we still like each other. πŸ˜€ I love his sense of humor, I love his devotion to our children, I love his honesty and integrity….


I love my children! I am so proud of them! (Gosh, I still need to fix that photo and get those people out of the background! HAHAHA)

DSC_5682 copy

I love my parents! They are utterly amazing: their faith in God, their love for each other, their parenting, their friendship, their example, and their HEART! I could work my whole life and still not be half the people my parents are. (Just don’t tell her I used this photo AGAIN. πŸ˜‰ She doesn’t like it. LOL)


I dearly LOVE FALL! It’s my FAVORITE season!

I LOVE new babies!! I love their smell, their squishy bodies, their squooshed up faces….and I love friends who let me hold theirs and take all the photos I want to!

And of course, I love photography. I love the (almost) instant gratification of it! (compared to painting I used to do) I love every aspect of it (minus the cost of new toys….that kinda bites)!

(Gosh, OK, I have to admit it: I really like poison dart frogs too. Is that odd?)

Some of my very favorite things I do not have a picture of….Pepsi. Pepsi is my personal drug of choice. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do any sort of drugs (other than Excedrin migraine….you are my friend….), I do Pepsi. Yes, I’m aware how bad it is, and how it may kill me, but I’ll go out with a smile on my face….and a Pepsi in my hand. And Pam promised me she’d stick one in my coffin after I’m gone….one for the road. Thanks, Pam. I heart you, too. I love Willow tree angels….dearly love these things. Sadly, I am the mother of boys, so I have few. I love beautiful, delicate teacups and saucers as well….but again, sadly, I am the mother of boys, and they are packed away, along with my tea set from China Mike gave me on his last mission trip there. I secretly love opera, but don’t tell anyone. I love quiet. And I love sleep…that may be my favorite…

Thanks Amy and Angie for this theme this week! It’s nice getting to know the people BEHIND the cameras!