I’ve been following a blog for awhile now on Youth Ministry, named Rethinking Youth Ministry. They had a contest last week for women in Youth ministry…….


I almost didn’t enter. I’m just a Sunday school teacher. I wasn’t sure if the contest was for ministers or Big Youth People (like IMPORTANT people, high up, educated….), so I actually took a minute or two to decide to enter or not.

I’m not a theologian like Gordon or Jeff. I will never have deep, philosophical discussions with Luke or Craig. I will never have a Youth ministry like Brad or Michael. And I will never attend any sort of seminary.

I am just a Sunday School teacher to Youth girls…..ages 11-18. I don’t speak, or have any desire to speak, Greek. I second guess myself all the time.

But what I do know, is God placed me certain places at certain times for certain reasons to be there for someone, to be the first person to ever tuck someone in, to just sit and cry with someone, to let someone know it was OK and God still loves them, and I was there to let someone know that they were loved, for the first time in their life. I may not be a very intelligent person, but I like to think my heart makes up for it. I may not be able to debate the Bible with anyone, but I will always be there to let them know that Christ died for them…….. pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and dig into that Bible and find out about the God Almighty that sacrificed so much for you. I can do that.

I will not be perfect. Ever. I will make mistakes and stick my foot in my mouth all the time. But I am very serious about what God has asked me to do. I do take it very seriously. I’m not in there for my kids, I am not in there because it’s “cool”, I am not in there to further my career in ministry, I’m in there because God called me to do it. And I am always looking to do my job better.

So thank you, Brian and Jacob for doing this giveaway! I will put the books to good use!