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Week 40 – Photo Challenge Theme “Excited!”
Our Definition: eager, active, enthusiastic, animated

I had the PLEASURE of taking 50th wedding anniversary portraits for the sweetest couple at church! While I was taking the photos, she leaned over and kissed him on the forehead, and all the while there was this private conversation going on between husband and wife. I am not sure what she said to him, but he suddenly got this very excited, animated look on his face. I’m not sure all of what HIS reply was, all we heard him say was “lap dance” and the wife blushed and then giggled. At that point, both their daughter and myself were seriously in a fit of laughter! LOL I had the best time with this amazing couple! So when I learned the theme of this week, I knew I had to use this photo!

DSC_6163 WEB

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