Dear ladies: (males are more than welcome to read, but this is to the females: girls, teens, and women)

Hi. My name is Dana, and I’m about to step on your toes. Feel free to turn around now, I’m a big girl, I can deal with it.

Let me address an issue that has been seriously irritating the snot out of me….to be blunt, and a little gross. You have b * o * o * b *s, I’m aware of that. I can see them. You have a b * u * t * t, I can see that too. But when I am sitting down behind you, I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to see your gross unders peeking out from the back, barely covering your ch*eeks. Seriously. Wear a longer shirt.

I am aware that it seems like EVERY top is now super low-cut, I get it. I have to buy my clothes in stores as well, so I understand. My “girls” are big and I have a difficult time finding shirts that do not leave them totally exposed, jumping out and introducing themselves to everyone. I’m right there with you. Let me introduce you to my little friend:

You put it on UNDERNEATH your top, and the “girls” stay where you put them, and no one’s eyes pop out of their head.

Or, another option that really works well:

The tube top. Yes, I was born in the 70s, I’m showing my age. I’m making the supreme sacrifice of revealing my age for the sake of stray b o o b s everywhere. Wear it underneath your revealing shirt and it covers up “the girls”. Yes, even in the summer. Sweat a little, that’s why we have deodorant.

Cover that stuff up. We don’t want to see it.

I have a young daughter, 3 years old, and now that she is getting to that inbetween stage of not-quite-baby, not-quite-children’s department, I’m noticing a HUGE shift in clothes for her.

Let me show you a few examples of Halloween costumes I was just accosted by in my indever to find a cute costume:

These are in the CHILDRENS DEPARTMENT! These are children’s costumes.

Ladies, please. Listen to me. Give me your full attention. If you dress your daughter like a wh*ore, good things are NOT going to come out of it.

Was that harsh? I feel that was harsh. I should probably feel shame for that. But here, let me continue instead:

Young teen girls, children, preschoolers, are not buying their clothes. Their mothers are. These type of costumes only bring unnecessary, and improper, se*xu*ual attention to our girls. And it teaches our girls that the only way we can get attention from boys is to dress like a who*re.

(I do think it is entirely possible, I just like to say the word wh*ore. 😉 )

We live in a sinful world, we do not need to add to it. We are teaching our daughters the art of manipulating boys by our se*xuality. We get angry with boys for looking, but we are giving them something to look at!

As the mother of a teenage boy, I want to walk around with him slapping my hand over his eyes everywhere he goes! He would have severe brain damage by the time he is old enough to drive a car! Instead, I’d like to walk around with him and slap the forehead of every young girl dressed like……well, you know the word I want to use. 😉 And then…..I’m comin’ after the mothers of these wh*ore-dressing babies…..

We want them to respect us. We want them to cherish us. We want them to be faithful to only one. We do not want to be ogled or manhandled or treated like a side of beef. But, what message are we giving them? Wake up. For goodness sakes…..wake up.


And for those of us ladies that are saved by Christ Almighty? It’s causing men to sin. I can’t say it any other way. If we are knowingly contributing to their sinful lu*sts, we are sinning ourselves. We have to focus on things that are good, things that are right, and most importantly, we need to focus on our Savior. We are called to modesty. And as mothers, we have to teach our daughters the importance of that.

My name is Dana, and if you are lucky enough to go to Faithweek with me, I will be the one reaching over and physically pulling your shirt up. Or pulling your shirt down over the back of your pants. Or sending you back to your cabin to change those Daisy Dukes.

Because I don’t want to see all that mess.

Simply signed: Dana the Hormonal.