I’m not in much of a talkative mood lately. And nothing really is going on yet.

Mike puts in another application.

Then we wait.

And we wait.

So, I’m just not really in the mood to sit and type out all my innermost struggles.

You’re welcome.

So I’ll repost some previous writings just because I may need the reminder.


Are you a carrot?


Hard, strong, firm, not easily bendable?

Are you an egg?


Tough exterior,


soft heart inside….

Or are you coffee beans?


strong, good aroma?

But when we add all of these things to the same pot of hot water, they all 3 change.

The carrot, once firm and strong becomes….


weak…..doesn’t stand up anymore…..it’s strength is totally gone.

Or the egg, once having a soft heart, becomes




hard hearted….too tough to be used, cynical, callous…

But, the coffee beans when subjected to the hot water…



coffee….it changes the water. It is still strong, but it changed the water around it.

We all have those really tough times. It is not unique to anyone, everyone goes through them.

But when we go through that hot water, how do we react to it? Do we lose our strength? Do we grow hard-hearted? Or do we change those around us for the better?

Our faith should be strong enough, that when we go through those really tough times, we are able to change the world around us in a positive way.

With Christ, we can change our world.