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Have you ever had one of those moments where you seriously wonder what in the world happened to your brain?

I miss that brain sometimes. I had him before I had kids! I was pretty darn smart all those years ago! And then something happened :::COUGH{kids}COUGH::: and he is no longer present or accounted for.

Today was one of those days.

Well, and if I’m honest, yesterday too……

….and probably Sunday…..

…..definitely last Saturday as well……

Anyway, Brooklyn brings me this crown this morning because she didn’t want the babies playing with it, so I’m sitting here trying to read with this crown on my lap, and the babies reaching for it, and without thinking….

….I just put it on.

Not a big deal. One of those absent-minded actions….it’s a CROWN! Put it on. So there it sat.

And I rocked that crown.

Cmon now, you know you want to be me sportin’ this crown. It was sparkly and PINK! Me and the crown? Oh yeah….we were tight! We were all gorgeous, no make-up on, hair done by 2 year olds…..we were SPECTACULAR! We reached full zen. Miss J.* would have LOVED me!

Oh yes, Miss J. would have asked to borrow that sparkly pink crown. After I’m done, J., after I’m done….because right now, I’m….

….totally rockin’ it.

Don’t hate me because of my crown. You’re all jealous and stuff cuz I have one and you don’t. I know. It’s alright.

Til I forgot about it sitting there. And no one said anything. No one eluded to it. “Mom, why is there a crown on your head?” Not a word. I’m a grown 36 28 year old woman with a crown on my head. I’m going about my daily routine with a crown on my head…like it’s normal!

So there it stayed.

Until I realized it was there….

….after the parents came to pick up their kids.


*Totally don’t know Miss J. but if I did, I’d share my crown. He’s totally adorable. Don’t hate.