This week’s theme is SUNFLARE!

This is something I learned how to do over the summer and I LOVE it! There is a little trick to it, and if you aren’t careful, you can very much OVER do it. Not that I’ve ever done that. Nope. Not me. Not at all. And especially not over the weekend at a photo session with some sweet friends of mine. Of course they are perfect and I the sun flare is NOT so terribly bad that you can’t even see the people. I am a master photographer and would never make silly mistakes like that.


Oh, no you won’t be seeing THAT photo….trust me…. 😉

Instead, I’ll use the sun flare photo that my nice friends, Travis and Kerrie, so generously allowed me to take on THEIR photo shoot! They humored me. And of course it didn’t take 50 tries to do it, it was completely candid and done the first time….(I may owe you some chapstick, Kerrie, but Travis sure did enjoy the 50 tries. 😀 )


Please check out iHeartfaces for some INCREDIBLE photos!