We haven’t heard anything on the job hunt. My husband had a second interview for Lowe’s, and then never heard back. He’s called twice, however, the man he needs to talk to hasn’t been in. Hopefully it’s the holiday week, and not because he’s hired someone else.

And while we are waiting for a job, God has AMAZED me with His awesome provision! Thank You, Father God, for providing for my family!

Although, I have been praying that God will blind them to Mike’s resume and application at ALL jobs that He does not want him working. May sound odd, but we desire God’s perfect will, not just going out on our own and doing anything for the sake of making money. We believe that God’s will is divine and if He is preparing that perfect job for Mike that meets all of our needs both financially and for our family, and He WILL take care of our needs while we wait.

But on another front, obviously we have been deep in prayer and trying to seek God’s plan for us, and we believe that God is leading us into an area of ministry that I am UBER excited about! It combines our love of youth and children and our love for missions and it’s a prospect that makes me well up with tears of JOY if the promptings we’ve gotten were interpreted right.

I know, terribly vague.

However, while we are in the mode of seeking God’s divine wisdom, I hate to share a lot of information until we know for sure. I’ve been asking the Lord to give me a drop, a shred, a peek, ANYTHING of the HOPE He has for us. And I believe He’s shown us a little bitty shred of a much bigger puzzle He is working out for us. And it’s HUGE!

I believe it was a year ago, a friend of ours shared that he had this dream and in the dream God was showing him this SOMETHING BIG hidden inside of this airline hangar. Can you see the degree of BIG I’m talking about? When he mentioned that, my heart jumped because that’s the something BIG I’ve felt like God has in store for us! Obviously, it’s a different airplane hangar than what Brad saw, but that’s the magnitude of it!

And I also know, that while we are praying and meditating on God’s word about this, Satan can send people to distract us and mislead us away from what God’s plan is. Not to mention the ones he sends to just wreck our hopes altogether: the ones that point out everything negative about it, the ones that discount what we feel led to do or our ability to do it, or just the ones so jealous of anyone else’s good fortune, they have to poop all over it.

We all have those kinds of people right?

So, if you are not a Negative Nelly, and believe that God Almighty can and WILL do great and wonderful things, would you please pray for us? Pray for God’s wisdom and direction? Pray that we will focus on only His words and no one elses? Pray that we will receive with divine understanding. Pray that what God has in store for us will be made possible in glorious ways. Maybe even pray that those Negative Nelly’s will stay far from us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Pray that every need will be met, both GREAT and small and that people will amazed by our Creator and what He can do for those that trust in Him!

And when I can, I promise to share what we are praying about. ๐Ÿ˜‰