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This week’s theme is tooshies. Now, I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time figuring out this one! I know I REALLY pushed the envelope with the Breast Cancer Awareness photo, but I’m not usually one to take pictures of overt body parts….

…or so I thought. 😀

Once I got looking, I had a bigger problem of deciding on which ONE to use. You see, they say “I HEART TOOSHIES” and I thought “HUH??” (sometimes I’m too literal-minded) But all they are wanting is pictures taken from BEHIND, not necessarily THE behind, ya know what I’m sayin? And I do have a thing about taking pictures from behind, especially my own children, usually walking away from me. Or couples holding hands…

This is making me think OUTSIDE the box a little, a good thing to stir creativity.

This is a photo of my amazing Hair Diva that gives me great hair. Yes, especially my pink streaks I love so much. She is easy to photograph! Thanks, Ash!

So, I encourage everyone to think OUTSIDE THE BOX a little and cause a stir in that grey matter! Photography should be FUN! Thanks, iHeartfaces for challenging us each week!