(A little background for those who do not read my blog:  my husband was unexpectedly unemployed the end of October, from his job of 7 years.  When I wrote this, he still was not employed, and did not begin work until February of 2010.  So this post was written during the Christmas season.)


I know it’s been awhile for a real post, but are you sitting down?

OK, I’ll wait. Go ahead and sit.

Now, this is going to be one of those posts that I hope BL O WS your mind! Because I know mine sure is. My God is great and powerful and amazing!

Alright, let’s just jump on in here:

Saturday: I sat my boys down (Brooklyn is young and wouldn’t understand) and asked them if Santa didn’t bring them anything for Christmas, is there anything they could not LIVE without? I’m not talking about upgrading the PS2, to a PS3 that they want, or one more toy to add to the ones they don’t pick up or play with NOW, I’m talking YOU COULD NOT LIVE ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT THIS . And, of course, my practical boys replied with a no, because when they thought about it, God has blessed us with everything they really do need and want. Christmas is no LESS Christmas because they didn’t get more CRAP under that tree. Let’s be honest.

So I told them my idea of using my last $25 after all my bills were paid to do more “Homeless Joe” bags but on a little bit bigger scale. My Mom had the idea to buy the gloves that are 3 for $2 and I was able to find some better insulated, work-type gloves that were the same price! Then, while I was at it, let’s get new SOCKS on top of it! And, they were $1 off! YAY! (Do you see a pattern here?)

A few people from church were collecting blankets to pass out to the homeless, so this worked perfectly to do both together! Each ziploc freezer bag (used specifically for a reason, not just because I’m cheap and didn’t want to get cutesy gift bags. Think about it.) contains a new pair of gloves, a new pair of socks, 2 packages of crackers with either cheese or peanut butter, a candy bar (because they are frankly YUMMY), 2 cereal bars (because they are healthy and full of vitamins, but not NEARLY as yummy as candy bars), a bottle of water, and a water drink mix with extra vitamins added.

Let me stop right here and clarify: this was TRULY a God-inspired thing, because left on my own, I’d be selfish and probably a big Scrooge. Just call me Scrooge McSuggs. Nice to meet you. That’ll be $50 for reading this blog. heh.

It’s the Christ in me that urges me to give even when my husband has no job. It’s Christ in me that gives me a giving heart.

We did about 11 bags on the $25 I had to spend.

Fast forward to Saturday evening when I get an email from a sweet, sweet blogger friend to check my mail. I frankly don’t check my mail because there isn’t ever anything GOOD in there. PSO has never once sent me a nice card to tell me they are thinking of me during this time of unemployment, and don’t worry about this months’ electricity bill…..it’s on them. Hasn’t happened. So, I didn’t check the mail for that day.

And I should have:

Dear Miss Rachel and Mr Daddy sent me an incredible gift bag full of yummy treats just for ME! The most awesomest socks that I am quite positive were NOT $1 off and came 8 for $5 and I’ve worn twice already, maybe two days in a row and I know that’s gross, but I didn’t want to take the time to WASH them because they were just so yummy…..Don’t hate. The best chocolate on the PLANET, and I shared with Austin’s bus driver who shared with HIS wife and called me JUST to concur that it was INDEED the best chocolate on the planet. And a Willowtree figure.

Oh I heart Willowtree.

But the most AMAZING thing, and I tell you, I still can’t believe it. Rachel and Mr Daddy sent me Christmas money to buy my children Christmas. In fact, I’ve already gone and done some, and I plan on keeping that Target card when it’s empty and putting it in my Bible as a constant reminder that God is ALWAYS faithful. Always. Even when I don’t see it or don’t feel it. He is faithful.

It has been one of those things that just makes you cry and praise God all at the same time.

God urged me to GIVE even when I was afraid to, and I did. I stepped out on faith (not even BIG faith….mustard-seed-sized faith, I’m not too big for my britches that I will lie and tell you how amazing my faith is. It’s bigger than it was for SURE, but I’m still a fearful person.) and I gave the only extra money I had to do what God asked me to do with these “Homeless Joe” bags….

….and He bl ow s my mind through Rachel and Mr Daddy: blog readers I’ve never met. Yet. Trust me, that is SOOOOO happening! 😀 And I hope to one day, be able to bless them in return.

And, believe it or not, but I have MORE to come I have to write about when I have time. God is so not done with us yet. As I sit, I have a beautiful 1 year old baby girl asleep upstairs waiting to start her day with us. It’s only temporary, but the story will bl ow your mind…..


For my Memorial Box, I’d put in the Willowtree angel to remind me of how MUCH God provided for us during this very scary time for us!  I am still shocked and amazed at how MUCH He did for us during this time!  We live paycheck to paycheck without a savings of any kind, so how in this natural world our housepayment and EVERY utility stayed on for *4 MONTHS* was a total God-thing!