I can’t share ALL the details, but I will share what I can. Let me start at the beginning.

Remember when I said (a few times) I’d just pack it all up, sell everything GO anywhere that God led me to go, and start an orphanage somewhere?

Well, here lately, I was thinking that God was leading us to do something HERE somewhere along those lines…..say…..like FOSTERING.

But, with fostering, I had 3 main obstacles:

1.) DHS sucks eggs. I’ll just say it plainly. The right hand never knows what the left hand is doing, they are a country with it’s own governing rules all to themselves, and they can change the rules and game plan at will. (now that I’ve written this, they are probably scouting out my house right now….they have probably tapped into my internet and are following my kids schedules now. Nice. {sigh} ) Hey, I’m honest.

2.) I cannot be licensed childcare AND foster at the same time without “permission”. And really, who thinks they are really going to GET that permission from the OMNI-PRESENT DHS, raise your hand? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

3.) And this was the biggest one: my husband didn’t want to. Right, no changing a man’s mind, I know.

So I just continued on with my Bible reading and prayer times and prayed that Lord would be more clear, give me a better understanding of His plans, and please make the way possible.

And as of a few weeks ago, the message we were getting was much, MUCH, MUCH bigger than just fostering, so we’ve been praying a lot over that. It’s one of those “GOD-sized” plans that only God can do.

Fastforward to Tuesday, I received a phone call from a social worker, and I have an almost one year old in my home! LOL Circumstances, obviously, I can’t discuss, but I know the mom, I like the mom, and she just needs a little help right now. As a mom myself, with 3 kids, I completely understand needing some help to pull everything together again.

Oh boy, do I…..

No abuse/drug/alcohol problems, the kids are very well loved, she’s just overwhelmed with how life is turning out and having to do it all alone. And I believe that God is seriously intervening on her behalf as well getting her that much needed help and a good support team working FOR her.

And in the meantime, I have the youngest. It’s not permanent by any means, I just happen to have the room, availability, and a desire to do God’s will. She’s a beautiful baby, and I’m just lucky enough to have her here. I wish I could share the details, because OH MY, you’d be blown away. God’s hand was all over this! And I’m praying peace and comfort for the mom, because her heart is broken right now over these circumstances. But when she goes through this fire, she will SEE God all over this.

And Mike? Well, take a little gander at what God has done to this big, tough man’s “NO-FOSTERING” heart:

You can find him everyday at naptime, and everyday at bedtime in this position. And if I do it before he does, I get the puppy dog face til I let him take her and rock her. Just don’t tell him I put this photo up OR told you about his secret rocking-babies-to-sleep habits. I took it last night right before bedtime. πŸ˜‰

I believe this is God’s way of refining and softening Mike to do His will in the BIGGER plans later on down the road. πŸ˜‰

Is it wrong to insert an EVIL LAUGH if I’m talking about God? πŸ˜€ HAHAHAHAHAHA

So that’s where we are at. I have no idea for how long, I know it’s temporary, but I don’t know HOW temporary.

God’s pretty cool, huh?