I shot this lovely at the zoo back in Sept with the family. My boys are fascinated by the poison dart frogs. Truth be told, I’M fascinated by them too. 😉 They are gorgeous. I wanted to scoop some up and bring them home with me. I’d be the crazy lady with colorful, but POISONOUS frogs in her purse….

Ya know, IF they weren’t poisonous, and I wouldn’t die from picking them up, or anything….

Aren’t they gorgeous? And they were all just out there, running around in the Rainforest exhibit, so it wasn’t hard snapping a photo of them!

Or scooping them up and putting them in your purse*….ya know, IF…..

*= I do not condone obtaining animals (or amphibians) illegally by theft from the zoo. I have never at any point left with anything in my purse from the zoo, including money because DANG they cost a fortune! So don’t steal stuff from there because it’s naughty.