Sometimes, there just isn’t anything to say, you know?   Or at least, nothing that should be said on a blog.   Sometimes, it’s hard to say the things that are in your heart.

What if God forgot us?

What if there is no job for Mike?

What if this is a HUGE lesson in humility, and we’re meant to lose everything we’ve worked so hard for?

Sometimes, it’s just easier NOT to blog stuff.  And the last week has been so full of praying anyway, I couldn’t blog all that. 

Monday morning, my Husband went for his 2nd interview with The City and we both fully expected to know then.  But, how life seems to be most times, of course, they send him home to wait til TOMORROW.  So, Monday we run to the grocery store to pick up last minute things for Christmas dinner, and Mike said he’s fasting until he hears about the job.

Let me just preface this with:  I don’t fast food.  I’m a big girl who likes her food, especially during times of stress, it’s not right, but it’s all I got right now.  So, I have never in my life fasted food.  Big girls don’t do that.  😉

But before I could even think about it, “Then I will, too.” comes flying out of my mouth.  God must’ve forced that out, because naturally, those words would NOT have come out of my own free will.  HAHAHA


I’m just bein’ honest here.

But I did it.  And the times I wanted to eat, I prayed. 

I prayed a lot.

Again, I’m just sayin’.

I can laugh about it now, on the other side of it, but at the time, it was prayers from a very scared woman.  My husband has been out of work for almost 10 weeks.  For a family of 5 that lives paycheck to paycheck, naturally, it’s been ONLY God that has gotten us through this far.   I can say that with all assurance.  

We never missed a meal.  We may not have been able to eat out like we wanted to, but we never went without a meal.

Not one of our bills was late.  Not one.

Not one utility was turned off.  Not one was even LATE.  Not one.

God provided.   He provided amazing support for us to hold us up when we couldn’t stand anymore.  He sent support for my family when the stress was so thick in the house, we couldn’t breathe.   He sent people to pray for us.   He sent people to pray with us.  

I didn’t have to fast long, but it was the longest 14 hours of my life.  😉  And it was the most incredible experience.  14 hours of prayer (well, and sleep, too.  I did sleep.  LOL).   God knows I have limits here.  😉 

But, yesterday, they called and offered my Husband a job.  😀  😀  😀  😀  PRAISE GOD!   He won’t start until the EARLIEST, Jan 16th.  But it’s an offer of a job.  This was our last hope.  He’s applied everywhere and no one called back, THIS was our only hope.

And it’s our Christmas Miracle!   He has a JOB!!   It’s been a LOOOOONG road, and it’s not over yet, but the end is in sight!  

Would it be weird of me to say it’s been one of the neatest experiences?  Would that be odd?  To see God move and work in us as a family, and among our friends as they rally around us for support and encouragement, has been one of the greatest feelings.   And to see absolute miracles and God working on our behalf has been one of the awesomest experiences.  (I wasn’t sure if it was proper grammar to say “most awesome” or “awesomest”, I didn’t consult my Julia before I wrote this….but it was an “awesome” experience.)  I’ve learned to trust God.  And because I know He is still not finished with us, I know, there’s more to come.  It’s like this was our training ground, but we still have the Something More we know God has called us to that we are still praying over.

So thank you for praying with us.   Thank you for praying for us.  And continue to pray because there’s more to come!   Praise God!

Merry Christmas!