I have about 10 minutes and I’m HOPING I get this finished in time to link it up….we’ll see….

What do you get when you cross good friends and a photo session? 


I was asked by a friend to take portraits for an up-and-coming new Youth ministry.  The problem was:  I am friends with all the members AND they are a hilarious group.  Not always a good combination.


No no, Michael, I said OPEN YOUR EYES A LITTLE….just a LITTLE….

Look at the birdie is just an expression….eyes up front please!

I think we’re losing them….

Yep….they’re gone.  Don’t tell me what you’re laughing at….

But I did get some AMAZING shots that day!  But the time taking them was the most fun EVER!

Group shots are HARD!  But group shots of FRIENDS can be even harder!  LOL  And don’t HATE!  I posted ALL of the shots straight out of the camera but ONE!  LOL  That’s brave….