This year has been an amazing one.  It’s been WAY UP…..and it’s been WAY WAYYYY down.   But a very common thread with everything that’s happened this year is….

God.  All powerful, all knowing, all faithful, all wonderful, all smiling, ever present, ever honest, ever patient, ever pushing, ever leading, always present, always true, always beautiful.

This sums it up:

Since deciding to read the Bible through this past year, it’s changed everything.  I committed to my Savior that I would not read ANYTHING this year until I read His Word in it’s entirety.   It was a lofty goal, one I’ve made lots of times before and never made it out of January.  But this year…..this year…..this was different. 

God is doing something in me.  He’s growing me and He’s giving me strength I never knew I had.  He’s giving me visions of a future and dreams only He can fulfill.   He’s taken me out of my comfort zone and given me comfort to do the things He wants accomplished.

And it took sacrificing myself to do it.  Committing myself completely to doing what He wants, and it started with reading His Bible.   It started with that commitment to do it. 

I’ve seen things this year I can’t explain.  I’ve experienced things few would understand, and it’s all been God Almighty.   I don’t want to be mediocre.  I don’t want to be lukewarm.  I don’t want to be a Christian in name only.  I don’t want to be a Country Club Christian, too busy or “important” to get in and get my hands dirty for the One that saved my rotten soul.  

I want to invite anyone that would like to participate to read the Bible through again in 2010.  For some, it’ll be the first time, for some, it’s habit.  For me, it’ll be my 2nd time.

And it totally worth it.

I’m using The One Year Bible (Premium Slimline Edition) in the New Living translation. (Mardel’s for $10)  This works for me.   This gives me every day’s reading altogether, I just open my Bible to whatever day it is, and read what’s already printed there.  The format is simple.

I won’t lie to you and say it won’t be difficult, because it may, if it’s not habit for you to do it.   I am a reader of EVERYTHING, and not reading anything else through the year was HARD!  But again, so worth it, and something God asked of me, you don’t have to give up your other reading.  

But I’m asking if you feel a tug to do it, JOIN IN!   I’ll start January 1st, but my Momma who’s doing it with me has already started.  LOL  It’s not a contest, there’s no pressure, and if you fall behind, hopefully we can encourage each other to keep going. 

I just want to say THANK YOU for the prayers, for the laughs, for the support, for the encouragement through 2009.  It’s been a crazy, crazy year, but one that will go down in my history book. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I pray God blesses you over and above anything you could ever think, dream or imagine!