I’ve been SOOO busy lately, that I didn’t have time to really commit to my picture that I wanted to do!  So, since I have a snow day and my workload has dropped CONSIDERABLY today, I sat down to really do my photo for this week!

And, I am a guest judge this week and cannot win anyway, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sit down and have a ball with my photo!  I was going to use a picture of ME in the photo, however, the time I would have to take to suck out all my fat and clone out all my wrinkles…well…I’d need a good WEEK of time off to do it.  So you get my adorable daughter instead who is a good sport and does whatever Mommy asks her to do.  Heh.  So there ya go…

The tattooed baby belly on my <a href=”http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/2008/02/meet-dana-suggs-our-i-heart-faces-guest.html”>Judges page</a> is fine….but not what I wanted.  THIS is what I really wanted to do!  YAY!  Sometimes, I love my awesomeness….