When I first started my photography journey, I wanted EVERYTHING perfect! I am a little control-freak in most things…especially at the grocery store: DO NOT TOUCH THE CART! IT’S MINE! I MUST BE THE ONE WHO PUSHES THE CART!

{ahem} I mean….uhhh….oh nevermind. I can’t recover from that outburst. Take it as it is. I’m open.

But, anyway, my rambling point is: I wanted everyone posed perfectly. I wanted smiling faces…no monkeyin’ around.

Now, MOST of my fantastic shots are taken inbetween the “posed” shots. That’s when they let their guard down and they relax, start talking, start laughing and playing….and that’s when the magic happens.

This particular mom is a lot like me in my “perfection desire”, she wanted that perfect family portrait. So, when I took the inbetween shots and edited them for her to see….guess which ones she wanted?

She wanted the one of her daughter loving on her baby brother, she wanted the one with her son being his adorable-self, and she wanted her and her husband loving it all.

This shoot taught me a VALUABLE lesson: TAKE the photo! Even if they aren’t all looking where you want them to look, even if they are laughing, even if they are moving and playing, TAKE THE PHOTO! You’ll be surprised which ones you end up loving the most!

In an editing note: I used my new set of Flora bella Textures and OH YES! I am in love…..TOTAL UNASHAMED LOVE for these textures and overlays…..Total love. You’ve got to try these!

BE KIND and always have your camera ready!