I am NOT a fan of rollercoasters! I rode them when I was a child…..but as an adult, it’s more excitement then I can handle. I do NOT ride them.

Thank you, I’ll be more than happy to hold your hat/purse/sunglasses/car keys/wallet/etc, while YOU ride. I’ll be waiting over here….——->

And here lately, it just feels like my life is constantly on that rollercoaster….except, we never seem to be going UP anymore. What’s wrong with that picture?

Lord, I need some UP. My rollercoaster seems to be stuck in the DOWN position, can you help a girl out here? I think I’m about to puke…..too much DOWN. πŸ˜‰

It seems to be so much lately: Mike still isn’t working yet. This job that he got has so many hoops you have to jump through, and they are on their OWN timetable. They wanted him to start on the 15th of January, only they didn’t get him in to do his strength and agility tests OR his drug test until the 15th. They call him in at 8:30 last Friday to come in and do the tests (THAT day, no warning, come in now, please.) and the doctor said he found something wrong with my husband that he needs to have a dr check out. He won’t release him til its done.

Umm. What?

He kind of doesn’t have a job. No job=no insurance. UGH. BUT, it turned out JUST FINE, Mike’s old dr cleared him, and didn’t charge him a dime.

Only problem is, this job only starts new hires on the 1st and the 15th. Nice. So, we’ll have to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks for him to HOPEFULLY start. January’s house payment is paid. There is NOTHING for February. I trust God, though. He’s not going to let us lose our house.

But just in case, let’s get those home improvements done. πŸ˜‰ Walls repaired…..CHECK. Living room painted…..CHECK. Wallpaper stripped so we can paint the entry……YUCK…gotta do that still. I hate wallpaper of any fashion.

And then we get a letter from our house insurance who wants to drop us because we had our a roof repaired in 2005. We tried to make another claim on it last fall after a hail storm damaged it again, and the insurance said NO, and while we’re at it…..we’re dropping you. We want your money to insure it, but we kinda don’t like you to make CLAIMS on it when you need to. Sorry. Good luck with that hail damage, though!

{Note to self: FARMERS was rated one of the WORST insurance companies in the nation. Staying with them for 28 YEARS was probably NOT a good idea. Check reviews BEFORE you get insurance.}

So in the process of looking for another insurance company, Mike decides he wants to go with AllState. “The guy was REALLY nice on the phone, honey! He can save us $70 a MONTH on car insurance!”

{Note to self: Thank you for giving me these little notes, I need them. Reviews are good to do before you get insurance. AllState was the ONLY insurance ranked WORSE than Farmers. Out of the frying pan into the fire….}

So when I showed my dear husband the reviews, a nice little argument began because apparently, the guy was very charming on the phone. Mike is a really trusting guy and doesn’t want to disappoint the AllState man. “I can’t tell him NO now! He gave me quotes!”

Let me help you with THAT. Thank you, I have ZERO problem telling him no. I have about 45 ways I will tell him NO on the phone. And after he emails me the quotes, I will have another 22.

OK, I’ll stop. I’m whining. I’m overly focusing on the bad. I think if I weren’t such a good girl, I’d be drinking heavily by now.

I was reading about Joseph yesterday and the passage was talking about how God was with him and blessed him. Not only blessed him, but blessed everyone AROUND him. He followed the Lord, and the Lord blessed him.

Wait a minute. {looking around} Hey! I’m following the Lord! I’m ready for those BLESSINGS now please! πŸ˜€ Any time….I could use them! At least a good back massage! SOMETHING! And I remember reading that passage and doing a little chuckle and praying to God something along those lines. Little blessings here? We’re still down here, Lord! We’re still following! Haven’t lost us yet! I could use a little help, Lord! πŸ˜€

And then the very next passage was about Joseph being thrown in jail for a few YEARS because of his employer’s whore-wife lied. Heh. I even knew that part was coming. LOL I just liked the blessings part.

Anyway, I remember thinking all of that yesterday, and praying to God for a little UP. My rollercoasters busted and seems to only be going DOWN. It went UP in December….it went UP a lot in December, but now, seems to be stuck in the DOWN position. I NEED SOME UP.

And then last night at church after we prayed over 4:12 (can’t link them because I can’t find their page anymore. Hmmm) and their upcoming event this weekend, the leader asked me if we’d like to come along and shoot some pictures for them.

…..awwww…..WORSHIP PHOTOS! My FAVORITE! I’m your GIRL!

But like most things, the worries immediately started: you have no one to keep the kids while you are gone, you have no money for hotel, you have no money for GAS to get there, and you have NO money for FOOD while you are there.

It’s amazing how satan starts in the second some UP comes a long. πŸ˜‰ Remember that.

But, the Lord has worked almost all of it out for us. I’ll have to dip into some missions money, but I figure that’s why it’s there: missions work. And I believe this qualifies, even if it’s not in another country. And my wonderful Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law have agreed to keep the younger 2 for me so we can go. (Austin’s older and I think needs to be there, so he’s going.)

So, lesson for all: if nothing else, read your Bible and PRAY. Even if it’s a sassy little prayer, it’s communication. And my Savior loves me enough to pat me on the head and tell me, He’s already been working on it…..just hold on.

I know I went on and on, and I’ve probably left everyone half a blog post ago, but it just needed to be said. For my own peace of mind, I needed to say it. One of those honest posts, not a fluff piece about pretty pictures….just an honest post.

So that’s what’s going on!