Textures are still a NEW thing for me! I only learned them a few months ago from iHeartfaces! (I KNOW!! How sad!) They had the tutorial a long time ago, however, I just couldn’t figure it out! Finally, I sat at the desk with my photoshop open in one window, and the iHeartfaces tutorial in another, and I just sat and read it like I was 4 til I mastered it! LOL I looked completely stupid and felt totally illiterate, but I’d read a line, then try it on the picture, then read a little more, then try it on the picture….I bounced back and forth until it WORKED! HAHAHAHA

But I finally got it, and I LOVE them! They just help MAKE some photos! I like to use them for busy backgrounds as well. πŸ˜‰ Cover up things I don’t want people to see. πŸ˜€ Heee heee!

Copyrighted Image

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I have fallen IN LOVE with Florabella textures! For this image, I used Senorita and then dropped down the color on it to match the photo. I also upped the contrast a bit.

I knew I wanted a verse as part of the texture, so I made my own and then applied overtop of the texture! Now Psalm 139 peeks in and out of the photo! YAY! This was my first attempt at making my own texture, not bad huh? πŸ˜€

If you don’t know how to do textures, check out iHeartfaces and search their tutorials. And then check out this weeks contest!


For contrast sake, I wanted to show a before photo. Don’t laugh. Promise?

This is the SOOC (straight out of the camera) photo:

copyrighted image

My insanity over showing the SOOC shot is to hopefully give someone some hope that not every shot has to be PERFECT. A HUGE part of what makes my photos, in my opinion, is the post-processing. Learning the camera, learning exposure, learning apeture….is only part of it. Almost every photo will need some kind of editing. And textures was my NEWEST challenge on my photographic journey!

Be kind and always have your camera ready!


Because I’ve already had quite a few people asking me how I made my own texture, I’ll explain.

In my photoshop (Adobe CS2), I hit FILE>NEW. When the box opened, I chose a size 5×7 inches and 350 pixels. Then I made sure to make the background TRANSPARENT so that anything underneath it (florabella texture and my photo) would show through and the text would sit on top. When the new box opened up with the checkered background, I went into my TEXT and manually typed out the first few verses of Psalm 139. Then I merged the layers making sure the background was still TRANSPARENT, then copy and pasted it onto my photo with the florabella texture already on top.

Then I saved my new texture so I could use it again later! VIOLA!