This week’s theme is a great one. However, this one I’m having a difficult time with.

You see, we don’t vacation.

Not by choice, mind you, but out of necessity, out of a calling. Our vacation time is spent at Youth church camp, so that’s as close to a vacation as we usually ever see:

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But don’t get me wrong….there’s few places more beautiful…

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And we wouldn’t change it for anything! Usually, we always go as a family, doing various jobs….counseling with the teenagers….having an amazing time….but last year, and probably again this year, it will be just Austin and I going.

But, when we can “vacation”, it’s close to home, usually on a tank of gas.

Usually to Branson. That’s a “big” vacation for us, and one of our favorite places to go:

And once, when we were REALLY lucky, we went to Kansas City!

It doesn’t really matter where we go….we just enjoy being together as a family! So if a vacation means a getaway weekend in a tent by the lake, or a drive to an amusement park and a nice, family-oriented hotel….we’re happy. I enjoy my family and I want to be with them! I’d love to go to Washington state to see the ocean….or Maine to see the leaves change….or Ireland to see the lush, green hills….I’d even settle for any beach on the eastern shores of the US….but yeah…that’s not gonna happen! LOL

It’s not the beach, but it’s the PEOPLE I love more the PLACES anyway!

My husband and I taken over the weekend

BE KIND and always have your camera ready!