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Real letter sent to Gymboree just yesterday:

My Dearest Gymboree:

I am a diehard Gymbo FREAK!

I’m the freak Mom that buys a collection of clothes and makes sure I have the shoes and socks and p @ n t i e s and pajamas and hairbows to match.

I go to great lengths to complete a set! Even for Halloween!

As my daughter got older, I made sure she had the purses and bracelets to match.

But I am seeing an increasing trend in the quality of clothes that I find very disturbing. We are not a wealthy family, and I have to work extra to afford to buy new Gymboree once or twice a year, 3-4 times if I work REALLLLLLY hard!

The last few orders I’ve placed though, the hems have come undone after only ONE washing! Her little sister shirt ordered last spring (under momof3darlings@XXXXX.com email) unraveled after only her first wearing! Being such a Gymbo-nut, I figured it was a one time thing, I hadn’t had any previous problems, I’ll let it go. But then it happened on my next order as well! This last order, I had 2 of her shirts with problems after the very first washing! The Daddy rocker shirt, the hem came unsewn, and then her drum Girls rock tshirt came unsewn at the COLLAR! After this last incident, I have to tell you, I just cannot continue to buy my beloved Gymboree.

I am a member of several Gymboree message boards over my obsession, I make custom hairbows to match all the gymboree lines,

and I blog quite often about my obsession with my beloved Gymboree (www.momof3darlings.wordpress.com, search Gymboree), and I’ve turned many mothers onto your store by the adorableness of my daughter in your clothes!

But as a Mom who works so very hard for my family, and to afford this love-affair with your products, I just cannot continue it any longer with the quality being so poor.

I heart Gymboree, and the loss of your adorable products will leave a hole in my Gymboree-loving heart. No one does sets and collections like you do. Please, for the love of adorable collections everywhere….fix this ever-increasing problem! I am begging you.



And then yesterday I received the hokey reply email from them.

Dear Dana, if you will return the shirt, then we’ll refund it….blah blah blah

That’s admirable. Thanks. However, it doesn’t fix the overall problem. I’d have to send a total of 4 shirts back. I don’t buy shirts without the pants. Or the socks. Or the purses.

{ahem} Sorry, I get carried away.

This last purchase was special. I bought it special for her. She’d outgrown almost her entire wardrobe and I had to have something! I was a little depressed over the expanding time of unemployment…so I charged it. I wanted her to have something nice for her Hospital visit in December. So, to have something come and NOT last after I charged it….and spent a good little bit of money on it….

Yeah….I’m done, Gymboree. I loved you. Our love affair was vast and extensive, but I will no longer purchase anything new from you. I could have posted pictures ALL DAY…(seriously, like all day. That was MOST of her wardrobe.) but no more. I may purchase used, cheaply, but no more new. You do not deserve anymore of my money. And in THIS economy….might I add a little….


Fix the problem. You will miss me.

Thank you, Julie for letting me get this off my chest. It totally needed to be said! Now, go check out the rest of Julie’s page! She has an amazing family and amazing fellow blog readers who write along with her Letters of Intent.

It’s good therapy. 😉