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Dear Mark from Gymboree Corporate Office:

When I blogged last Friday about my experiences with Gymboree, I really only expected other Gymboree freaks lovers to see it and of course, my loyal blog readers. I had emailed and called Gymboree previously to my rant post, but I felt like no one was listening to my issue.

So when the phone rang on Tuesday, and my husband looked puzzled when he saw the caller ID, then handed me the phone after he had answered it, I thought it was a joke. I heard, “Dana? This is Mark from Gymboree Corporate Office……” but I thought it was a prank. I thought Rachel was trying to pull a fast one on me and was having Mr. Daddy call to scare me. LOL

But then you said, “I was doing a search over the weekend, and I found your blog, and I have a few questions for you…..” and my stomach kind of fell on the floor. I had disparaged my beloved Gymboree!

I meant it….I mean….really….I can’t say I wasn’t honest, but I did say SHAME ON YOU to Gymboree! {GULP} Maybe I was a little harsh…

(OMGosh, I totally said SHAME ON YOU to Gymboree ) HAHAHA

But I have to say, Mark, from Gymboree Corporate Office, you were so nice! You asked what the concern was with the products I had received, and you listened! Even when I rambled on and on (I tend to ramble when I get nervous) and I may or may NOT have gotten all teary (hormones….I swear πŸ˜‰ ). You asked what products it was (knit shirts) and where the problem was with them (hem at the bottom and the shirt coming unsewn from the collar).

I felt like I had actually been heard! And, to be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting that. I figured you are a huge company, and I don’t purchase enough new stuff to really effect such a large company.

And then you said you would get something in the mail to me, but, again, honestly, I was expecting a coupon (which I would have blown off).

Then FedEx showed up at my door yesterday:

And in that envelope….

…was the nicest note…..and a gift card!

Yes, I may have screamed. I have never ever spent that much at one time at Gymboree, so to be able to shop for some new stuff, felt gooooooood.

And may I just say…..because of the awesomeness of the sale going on right now, I was able to get 60% of the winter stuff I will be setting back for NEXT year!

Stuff like:

….and because she is growing so fast now….I was able to pick up a few summer things for her……

{wiping the drool from my keyboard} I totally heart Gymboree….

And just for fun, just because my baby girl totally deserves something FUN….

and a little ALLIGATOR PURSE!! OK, seriously, how CUTE is that??

OK, I’m done…..

Thank you, Mark from Gymboree Corporate Office. I will try again. I will wash my beautiful, matching Gymboree in the gentle cycle and hang it to dry like I always have; not because I have to, but that is the depth of absolute adoration I have for it. And if I have any more problems, I will let you know. πŸ˜‰ Maybe a little nicer this time. heh

And I will continue to put my daughter in her beautiful, matching Gymboree outfits because you took the extra time to call me and pledge to find and fix the problem. You listened, and that is what made the difference.

And we thank you.


Dana- a Gymboree Mom obsessed over her only daughter looking completely cute and adorable wherever she goes


So there you go, Julie ! There’s the rest of the story! LOL Thanks for letting me vent last week! Who says blogging doesn’t pay? LOL