I don’t often share the day-to-day of my family, but I think today is appropriate….maybe catch you up a little on what’s been going on here. Ya know, just ’cause a girl’s gotta get it off her chest a little sometimes. Unpack the burdens of the week. Give a little love. Send a little gentle poke-to-the-eye to those that may need it, or I just feel like needs it. πŸ˜‰

I FINALLY was able to get my new computer! YAY!! HOORAH! And PRAISE GOD!! I had Dell build it because I just couldn’t seem to find all the specs I needed out there, already smashed into one nice computer for me. It’s a HONEY of a computer! I love it! Like, seriously, hug it and kiss it and tuck it in at night…..not necessarily in MY bed or anything….that would be weird. pssshhh…..Come on, now, what kind of freak do you take me for? {ahem}

But seriously, it’s big. Nice and large and roomy. It’s a 6 gig 640 gig hard drive….quad core processor….NVIDIA graphics card with 516mbs of dedicated memory…. cup holder….pepsi fridge in the side…and I got it for a STEAL! YAY! I’m cheap and love a good deal. I bought the monitor separate because I could get a much bigger one for a cheaper price if I didn’t get it from Dell. (Sorry Dell, I love ya and stuff….but a girl’s gotta do…..and stuff. My love apparently has limits ya know.) I went from a tiny postage stamp sized 15″ to a movie-screen-like 22″! Oh it’s lovely. It’s so nice. I love it. I pat it whenever I walk by it….I need to name him.

Now, my ONLY problem seems to be with Adobe. Grr. I may not like THEM so much. I have Photoshop CS2, but the disc was lost long ago, in my house of kids, it’s not a surprise really. I need to upgrade to CS4 because I can’t seem to figure out how to get my CS2 to my new computer. (insert eyeroll here, I’m not all tech-savvy) CS4 on it’s own costs $700! I KNOW!! That’s an OUTRAGE! Can you believe it?? But I know that if I upgrade from CS2 to CS4, it’s only $200! HOORAH!

However, when I called Adobe because I didn’t know how to do it, and I gave him all the information from my CURRENT CS2, he said it wasn’t registered and therefore, he couldn’t help me.

{crickets chirping}

What? Obviously I HAVE CS2 already. I use it everyday, I treat it nicely…..but because I didn’t register it originally, I can’t upgrade now. That bites. Seriously bites. I am trying to GIVE you money to upgrade and you are telling me no. You, Adobe, are stupid. Answers like that make people want to go out and find it in not so legal ways. Not that I did, but it tempts a good girl to go rogue. I’m just sayin’. I’m trying to give you money!

So for now, I’m using the 30 day trial and I’m hoping that some miracle will happen and I can either move my CS2, or Adobe will take their….ummm….head…OUT of somewhere….and let me upgrade or something.

And in some NOT so good news, my Momma is in the hospital. She was complaining Sunday when we were over there that she was terribly nauseous and couldn’t breathe. If she sat perfectly still and didn’t move, then she was alright, but whenever she moved, got upset or excited, it would start. So Tuesday when it continued my Dad took her into the hospital. We fully expected to hear that she has pneumonia or bronchitis or her GERD was acting up…something respiratory. So when the dr said he wanted to do a heart cath, I frankly thought he was a quack. My Mom had just had a stress test 3 weeks ago and everything looked beautiful! It’s not heart. Duh! I watched ER! I faithfully watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice with a healthy dose of House! Gosh, I should know. Make me hit you with my cane and give you a sarcastic retort.

And yeah….she had her heart cath yesterday which showed a MAJOR blockage in one of the major arteries in the front of the heart that the stress test wouldn’t have picked up on. Heh. Oops. Take away my TV-doctorate. Count me shocked! And honestly, everyone else in the family as well, including my Mom!

We were very lucky! The dr said if she had not come in when she did, she would have had a MASSIVE heart attack! And my Mom is not a strong lady anymore (only in attitude, WOOHOO!) so a massive one would have more than likely taken her. So I have to praise God for saving my Mom. God knows I couldn’t function without her! He saved her JUST for me! πŸ˜€ Thanks, God!

They did another stent to open that artery, and she’s doing a lot better! My sister and I are tag-teaming: she takes the day shifts because I work full time, and then I take the evening shift. Last night when I was up there, she was awake for a good bit and we were able to do a good deal of laughing together. It was nice. I am grateful for my Mom, she’s utterly amazing!

We have a great Youth weekend planned, and I have a few of the Youth girls staying the night tonight so that they can make it for both days. Yes, I have chocolate on hand. πŸ˜‰ If my car were bigger, I’d be keeping a lot more of them, but right now, I’m maxed out in the vehicle. Unless…..I use a church van….hmmmm…..Anyway, pray for my Mom, and pray for the teenagers this weekend! The speaker is amazing and always encourages our students in amazing ways! I think every teenager should hear him! So be looking for more worship photos!

That’s it, I think….oh wait! I gotta share this, I about fell OUT of my chair:

Dear Dana,

All I can say is, wow! What a beautiful blog review.

I have to tell you, I have some really great graphics designers who work with me, and some high level media people, too, and they have all commented on your work. Amazing.

You have a wonderful gift for photography as well as design.

I knew that already when I went on your website and checked out your photography portfolio, but it’s quite another thing to see my own book as the object of your profesional attention! I’m absolutely thrilled!

In fact, I’d like to use those photos of the kids reading the book…I don’t think they can be improved upon. Can I purchase them from you?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was and what an incredible job you did. Believe it or not, I’ve got several more books coming out in the next 12 months, and you are definitely getting all of them first!

Thank you again, very much!

Sigh…..I totally needed that encouragement! Absolutely needed that.



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