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This week’s theme is “Hands on”!

I took this photo last Halloween at our church. My Dad took my daughter around the booths for me so that I could take pictures. Little background, I don’t get to see my parents very often anymore because I have such a hectic work schedule, so Brooklyn doesn’t know my parents as well as I’d like. So for her to let my Dad take her around the booths without me was a very sweet moment for me! So when I was done photographing, I snuck up behind them while they were waiting in line and snapped this photo.

It’s one of those photos I will always treasure forever. My Dad’s hands, rough and calloused from years and years of hard work, still with paint on them from some project he’d done during the day…..and my sweet “baby” girl’s tiny, soft hands engulfed in his. It brings back memories of my own childhood and him holding my hand. Gosh, where do the years go?

And on another note, I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who stops by and leaves such wonderful encouragement! Ya’ll are totally amazing and I thank you for all the kind words! You guys rock!

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