Originally posted 8-08

Growing up, we had a little saying about my Dad….if we had done something, Dad liked to put his little mark on it somehow. Some things were funny, others were not and some just left us wondering “huh”?? One time I had done this nice pretty sign that my Mom needed, and I took all this time to paint it so nice for her, and when I was done, I put it in her garage until she was ready for it. The next time I went over there, my Mom pulled the sign out, and it was marred in 3 different places with black marker. I was just puzzled! Who scribbled on my sign I worked so hard on? And she just kind of looked at me and said Dad had found it and had to put his mark on it…in the form of SCRIBBLES. And by scribble, I mean….literal scribbles! Not writing….not a picture….literal SCRIBBLES! And just to leave his mark. We still have no idea why he did this, and in asking him, he said HE has no idea why either…he just did.

What kind of scribble do I want to leave?

This is a big planet….there are tons of people here….how can ONE person make a DENT? Is it possible? How can I do it? Or can I at all?

And if I can, what KIND of scribble will I leave? The crazy lady with the dog in her purse….that’s nice. What an impact. The crazy lady with the crazy husband and the crazy kids….I could see that….not the scribble I’d like though….

Well how about how so many of the “corporate mogals” are making an impact? “Look out for myself…make as much as I can, as fast as I can, and get out with it all and leave the govt and the US people to fix it…” That undoubtably is an impact alright….not the kind I would want to be known for…

Or the everyday people I see all over the place? The rushed, hurried faces, hunched shoulders, broken spirits, calculated lives….we seem to just sail through life, only worried about ourselves and totally oblivious to the fact that there are other people around us. We get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Only the dates on the calendar change. We are leading lives with a false sense of entitlement, raising children with a false sense of entitlement. It’s like people are just waiting for the end of the ride….

I had an incident in the store yesterday that broke up the monotany of that chore, but one that left me shaken and baffled. I was trying to find an aisle that wouldn’t take me a year to get through, and I pulled into one that only had 2 people in it, then this LARGE gap, big enough for 2 families with carts to fill it, and then this cart full of groceries, but no person. Thinking they went around the lanes looking for something, I scanned the crowd looking for the owner of the cart, but found no one. I waited a full minute (and in a grocery store, that is a good deal of time!) and then pulled around the abandoned cart and waited for the belt to slowly empty so I could put my groceries on it.

Several minutes go by, and a man walks up to the abandoned cart asking if I had moved it. No, it was there when I came. Belt slowly starts to empty so I go around my cart to start filling it. He is quite a ways back behind me, but there is no one between us, so I’m able to look him straight in the eye.

“You did not move this cart?”

“No, it was there when I came and no one has touched it.”

“How did you get there?”

“Huh? I walked….what do you mean?” I’m totally confused.

“So you just WALKED around MY cart and got in front of me. I was not behind YOU, I was behind HER.”

“Sir, there was no one with that cart, and the line had moved a considerable way. I assumed someone had left the cart, so yes, I did go around the cart, but I DID look to make sure there was no one there. I DID look.”

I am NOT a confrontational person by any means, especially with my elders, so I was really taken aback by this. Apparently he had forgotten something and had to go to the very back of the store to get it. I understand, I’ve done that PLENTY of times myself it’s a pain to have to do that! But I don’t leave the line expecting to get my spot back when I return. If I had been there when he left it, and been there when he returned, I would have let him back in, but I’m different.

I have half the groceries you do, and I have 2 children with me, but by all means, get in FRONT of me. Of course, these are things I do not SAY to him, but I do let him get in front of me.

What kind of mark was he intending on leaving? What mark did I leave? I’m sure he thought I was the big rude lady that cut in front of him at the WalMart.

Have I lost you yet? Have you totally grown bored with me? Oh I’m sure it won’t get much better. LOL

My point is, we have a choice to just coast through life and try to make it to the end in one piece, or stop and look around us. There are things to do. There are children hurting and scared I’d love to help. There are teenagers confused and misguided I’d love to share Christ with. There’s marriages on the brink of toppling, I need to pray for, show them it’s WORTH it. There are PEOPLE out there I can touch somehow. I have this HOPE I’d love for people to see and EXPERIENCE! A Jesus they NEED!

We’re not in it ALONE, and we shouldn’t treat other people as though we are entitled to something. We should BE KIND. BE SWEET. Look for every opportunity to do something good for someone else. THAT’S the kind of scribble I’d like to leave on the world! I’d love for people to think of me as KIND and SWEET and GOOD! Not the grumpy, tired, stressed, overworked person I seem to have become. And I’m trying to cut back somewhat on my workload and I’m trying in little ways to make a better impact.

I guess I just hope there will be others that want to jump off that fast-moving, selfish train and take a few stops with me. Grab the neighbors trash cans when I get my own, and pull them up to the house. Let a car in that needs to merge in line. Gosh, even pay for those groceries or give up some things in order to help someone else.

Can you scribble?