I read several blogs that have gone with Compassion International lately and the pictures are just so powerful!

(used without permission from MckMama. Oops! Sorry! I give you full credit for all photos though! These are NOT my photos, I only wish they were! Click on the photos to go to her site and see and hear her story)

I am such a visual person, and seeing exactly how these people live is disturbing and convicting. I stress over the littlest things in my own world, when there are people living in trash dumps. I worry if my kids don’t have everything they “need”, and then I see real pictures of real children trying to scrape by for their basic necessities of life.

(Thank you, MckMama, for going to Kenya and taking these pictures! I’m sorry I didn’t ask first, please don’t sue me. It’s for a good cause.)

So of course, after seeing all of these pictures from her blog, and then a few other blogs ( Shaun Groves ), I had to go and see what I could do. I whine all the time about “no money” but these people truly understand what it means to have NO MONEY.
My scariest day of “no money” doesn’t even come CLOSE to what it is these people go through.

Even our own Youth minister, Jeff, goes to C@mbodia or Burm@ and comes back with stories that make me cry for these people. His organization is amazing and ONE DAY, my friend, ONE DAY, I will go with them to take these photos! He returns with photos that he shows in church and I sit and bawl all the way through them. God loves these people and his team is making it possible for them to know this!

My heart is soft for them.

So, I went on Compassion Internationals website and I looked.

And I looked.

And I looked.

And my heart was broken for these children and then I started praying. Then I talked to Mike. He has a huge heart for children having gone to Guatemala and seeing firsthand how these children lived.

So last night, we sat down as a family and we looked together. At first, I totally wanted a boy. I wanted a boy around my sons ages, but we also prayed that God would send us to the right one. We looked through different regions….Austin wanted Kenya…..I wanted Mexico or Kenya…..Mike wanted Guatemala.

And then when we saw her:

we just knew. Her name is Josselin and she is 3 years old. Not a boy and not older, doesn’t share a birthday or a hobby with any of us, or really any other bonding tie we thought we wanted. God had other plans for who He wanted us to have.

Austin asked me last night if she was his new sister. HAAAAA! I’m raising children with compassionate hearts too. 😀

We are excited to do this! Mike worried about where the extra money would come from, but, just by giving up my Pepsi addiction, that saves us a good $100 a month. I could have sponsored 2 children on my Pepsi habit easily!

….wait…..that’s sad. {hanging my head in shame}

God has provided for us in supernatural ways I cannot begin to thank Him for! This is my sacrifice of HUGE PRAISE to Him. I am filled with joy just seeing little Josselin’s smiling face!

And I’ve already begun to pray for her. I want her to grow and mature in God’s love and grace. I want her to feel His presence with her all of her days.

And I encourage you to look for yourself. What can we give up for a month of sponsorship for a child who has nothing? When I think about all the Pepsi I have consumed over the years and what a difference that money would have made in the life of someone else…..I totally wasted all this time and money on stupid.

I am sure I’ll be filling you in more as this new relationship grows. Even if I never hear from her, I know I’ve prayed and helped to make her life a little easier.

Be kind and always look out for those in need!