This photo is from Natalie P. You can read her blog here: Then There Were Three.

Original photo-BEFORE

This photo suffers from underexposure so the majority of it should be fixed in levels and curves. So that’s what I did first: pulled the highlights up along with the midtones and then slightly pulled down the shadows for contrast. I did the same in curves to give it an extra little kick.

AFTER with basic edits

I then cleaned up her face just a little bit and used my dodge tool to lighten the shadows under her eyes. After this, I used my clone tool to replace whatever I couldn’t dodge. (In hindsight, I did a little bit too close to the eye on the right and cloned out part of her bottom eyelashes. Great, now ya’ll know I’m not perfect. Shoot. I know you’re shocked to find this out.)

I brightened up her beautiful brown eyes using PW’s Bring on the eyes action. I reduced this to 30% because I did not want them to be overdone. But sometimes, brown eyes need just a little bit of help to bring out the color.

When I was done with my basic edits, I thought it still needed a little bitty kick in the pants to brighted it up, so I ran PW’s Boost action on it. Then I cropped in a bit closer because let’s be honest here, she is gorgeous and we wanna see that prettiness up close.

Fun edit with texture

Then for the FUN edit, I played with my actions a little to find one I liked with a little bit different color…..just for fun. Then I used my Florabella texture, called Dewberry and put the little texture on it. And I finished it off with Michelle Johnson’s veil called Pixie kisses. How yummy is that?