This week’s theme was probably one of my more favorites because I love the dramatic photos so much! But then the rules stated:

“We are looking for B&W photos that are dramatic, sensational and/or moody in the way they are presented. Please don’t just enter a typical portrait photo that has been converted to B&W. Something about your entry must catch our eye as being dramatic or moody for it to be passed along to the Guest Photographer Judge as a top entry for them to choose from.”

So that really made me stop and think! Was the photo I chose just a “converted portrait”?

For fun, I thought I’d show the photos I was mulling over for this week.

This photo was a close pick. These are my babies I took probably 2 and half years ago. I have this printed in a 16×20 and matted and framed over my fireplace.

This was either my 2nd or 3rd pick. I LOVE this photo! It’s NOT the typical portrait at all, it was one of those chance photos that I happened to sneak of this little fellow. In fact, this may the one I really wish I had used instead because it is so different. OK, I have regrets now.

This was another one that I thought was not a normal portrait. Gosh I love his eyes and his expression.

And the last one, I love her eyes in this! Again, not the typical portrait at all, just a sweet girl who happened to look at me at the right moment.

So there ya go….my dramatic black and white rejects for iHeartfaces!

(and yes, I still regret not using that 2nd one. Darn it)