This week’s photo I think was put in by mistake. The picture is so beautiful already by itself. Maybe this week is supposed to be an easy week. πŸ˜‰ But I’ll thank Jessie from The Lucas Zoo for letting me play with it anyway.

Original photo

I opened my levels and pulled up the midtones, then pulled down the shadows slightly to help with the contrast. And I cropped it in just a little. Then I sharpened at 80/1.5/0 and saved as a copy.

Basic edit

I’m ashamed to say that was it for the basic edit.

Maybe I should tap dance or sing you a little song to pass the time.


Did that video not work? Well shoot….and I was so good too. You would have enjoyed that. πŸ˜‰

Fun edit with texture and text

So, for my FUN edit, I used a texture I found on flickr that looked girlie and frilly and fun and I added that to the background and reduced the opacity to 45% erasing back in the parts of the photo I wanted to show. Then I added my text.

And there ya go!