Had a sobering experience last night.

I had just finished a photo shoot with a very sweet friend of mine and her family in Downtown, and I had promised Austin (my 14 yo) that if he helped me during the shoot, I would reward him afterward. So I stopped at the closest Sonic to order drinks (cherry/orange slushie with pineapple chunks…..YUMMMM!) and we just sat for a minute enjoying the conversation together after a good day’s work.

But, when I went to restart the car, it wouldn’t start.

Ummmm…..what? Are you kidding me? I bought a new car so this would NEVER happen to me again!

I had this cold fear wash over me. I am minutes from Downtown in an area of town that I *DID*NOT* want to be in after dark WITH my son! Mike was home with the younger ones, both of whom were going to bed, NOT to mention I was a good 25-30 min drive from him! So I was really really upset for about 2.5 seconds til I realized Austin is watching me like a hawk waiting for my reaction. I can*NOT* panic.

I start spanning the parking lot for possible help.

Let me interject here with, I am a FIRM believer in the Holy Spirit. He guides me all the time. I wait for Him to show me what to do, where to go, what to photograph, who to speak to, etc. (Between you and me, so I know I’m safe, I really should refer to Him more for what to SAY too……{ahem}…but that’s another conversation. 😉 )

So I start scanning the parking lot and asking the Holy Spirit to lead me to someone who will help me.

Without sounding REALLY terribly snobby……my choices were VERY…..*VERY* limited. (That wasn’t a bit judgemental was it, not at all. Heh.)

Austin calls to me from the car, and tell me there was a truck directly across the way with 2 men in it, try them. He’s a good kid. So, I walk across the way, to the truck with the 2 non-scary looking men it, in my Youth group tshirt. Most of my wardrobe is Youth group t-shirts, so, pretty obnoxiously Christian shirts. I like ’em. Thanks Jeff! But, when you see me, you can’t help but know, I’m a Christian.

I walk up to the truck and very politely ask for their help, I tell them my car won’t start and I think it’s my battery, would you mind helping me?

And he said, no. (HUH? You really just said no to me?) And I could tell, he really didn’t want to talk to me about it. I was shocked at being told NO, but I politely told him that was alright, thank you anyway, and I turned to walk away. From my angle walking away, I’m scanning the empty parking lot, but I can see the passenger in the car talking to the driver, and after a couple of seconds, the driver tells me to hang on, he’ll be there in just a minute.

YIPPEE!!! Thank You, God! I knew you didn’t steer me to the wrong truck!

But the instant the men step out of the truck and start speaking to me, I know they are gay. They are a gay couple and I am instantly filled with the knowledge that it was my Christian t-shirt that prevented them from wanting to help me. They thought I wouldn’t want their help. And I was filled with such shame for my fellow Christians who made them feel like that. I knew without a doubt they assumed because I am a Christian, I would judge them.

Honey…..I have a Mack truck full of my own issues, I can’t even begin to judge you for yours. I’m just being honest here. 😉

So, my diarrhea of the mouth starts almost instantly, thanking them for their help, I was on a photo shoot, I’m 30 minutes from home…..blah blah blah. But this diarrhea of the mouth does 2 things, 1.) it puts them at ease, and 2.) it let’s them know, your lifestyle doesn’t offend me. And I know this because the instant I shut up long enough, the passenger starts with HIS diarrhea of the mouth and HE doesn’t shut up either! HAAAAA He was the sweetest man who walked me through getting a battery jumped. I could have sat and talked with them all night! Oh I am not exaggerating! LOL

In the course of the conversation, I told them about Mike being without a job for 4 months, he’s new on his job….blah blah blah. And I get from the passenger, “Oh honey! I totally understand! I’ve been out of work since May of last year!” So I promised Todd I would pray for him and his job, which I have 3 separate times now!

After the car started, I offered to pay for their dinner, just a little thank you for helping me out of my mess. But, this time, the driver answered me! He had been very quiet the entire time, but at that point, I got the hand on the arm, and the “Oh honey!” and he explained that his momma would roll over in her grave if he took money for this!

I got the “OH HONEY!” from him too! YAY!

It was just was one of those times that I am reminded of how terrible Christians can be in the name of God. It hurts my heart, and to be honest, from my interpretations of the Bible, it hurts God’s as well. I wasn’t called to put everyone on the spot for their sins. I was called to LOVE THEM, to LOVE THEM AS CHRIST LOVES THEM. I don’t care who it is, we are to love them. That isn’t always easy with some people, and some sin, but it’s what we are told to do.

(Yes, I am Southern Baptist, and yes, I hope they aren’t kicking me out at this point. HAAAAAAA)

I loved this couple! They were kind, gracious, giving, HELPFUL, and I don’t give a flying flip about their lifestyle. I only wish I had gotten more than just their names. They can hang at my house ANY*DAY!

Say a prayer for Terry and Todd! Todd needs a job and I am praying for a job that meets ALL of their needs and that God will bless them over and above anything they could ever THINK, DREAM, OR IMAGINE!

I know this is long…..I’m sorry. It’s just a little message that touched my heart.

Just, LOVE each other…..and always be kind!

My Austin, taken on our photo shoot last night. He's growing up so fast!