I was told one time that I love the unlovely. I love those that are not lovable.

I’m not sure if it was meant as a compliment or not, but I took it as one. Thank you. I will love the unlovely.

How is that so different? What would it look like if instead of dumping all over our kids all the time, if we just stopped and looked at them with different eyes? What if instead of punishing and picking at everything, we chose the big stuff to argue over? What if we chose to look past their faults and their “labels” and honestly JUST.LOVED.THEM. Nothing more. Nothing less. Honestly loved them.

What if, instead of gooshing all over the good looking, popular people, we gooshed all over the ones that need it? Those left out? Those not cut from the same mold as everyone else? Those that are different from the perfect?

What if, just once, instead of making friends with the beautiful, we looked at the plain? Made friends with the less-than-cute? Walked over to the table of special needs people, and sat with them? Learned what they think? Ask their opinions on things? Asked them how their day was going? “Sweet ride! How fast does that thing go?” ANYTHING! Open your mouth, SPEAK….they don’t bite! Well….ok, they might, but they don’t mean it.

I think of Christ loving my ugly heart…and I try to apply it to my own life. I’m definitely not perfect, and I definitely haven’t perfected loving everyone like He does, but the effort is out there. I’m trying.

He loves US in our ugly, in our filth, in our funk….and He loves us anyway. What would it look like if we did that too? Loved like Him?

Every day in my prayer time, I ask Him to help me love like He loves. Open my eyes to see what He sees.

What if we all did that?

What if?