I must confess, I’ve been haunted by the story of the mother that shipped her adopted son back to Russia. It breaks my heart and I find myself wanting to know more about the story. Why did she do it? What did the son do that made her want to just give him away? Did she use all avenues of help for him? Was he that terrible? Is she insane? I’m just being honest here….

I know kids can be hard. I know they can push ALL of our buttons simultaneously! And I know kids have conditions, syndromes, and problems. They can come with a suitcase full of issues. But aren’t we the adults? Aren’t we the ones supposed to find all the help we possibly can for them? If they have a problem in this area, aren’t we supposed to learn, find, discover, and implement a solution to this problem? And if that doesn’t solve it, find another one?

I understand this little boy may have had problems, but it’s our job as parents to love them through it! Love heals a multiple of sins! Find every avenue to help them, whether it’s therapy, or schools, or sports and extracurricular activites, church, friends, government programs, blah blah blah….I just cannot believe that she used every avenue available to her! If one therapist didn’t work, find another one. If one school didn’t work, find another one! If one group or program didn’t work…..FIND ANOTHER ONE. We do what is best for our children! In every circumstance, in every situation, we do what is best for them!

I pray for my kids every day. But more importantly, I pray for MYSELF everyday. I pray that I am the kind of parent that is Godly, above all else. I pray that God will teach Mike and I to always do what is pleasing. I pray God’s healing over our own hearts and that He will deliver us, change us, and MATURE us to be whole in Him. (Yes, I said mature……) I pray for His wisdom and discernment, revelation and guidance and I ask for strength and patience and love from Him. I ask God to teach Mike and I how to LOVE like He loves and help us to demonstrate that love in a way our children can FEEL. And before I go into all the problems or issues I’m having with one of my children, I make sure that MY OWN HEART is right first. I believe that God expects us to do what is right FIRST before we bombard Him with all the problems I think my child has.

Parenting IS hard! It is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done or will ever do! It’s emotionally and physically draining, but if I am not right in my own heart FIRST, how can I expect to fix my children? We just have to do what is best for our children, whether biological or adopted. We have to use every avenue in God’s power for the best of our children. All of them. And if we do not know what is best for them, ask others. Find help. Implement help. This is the United States, we have every opportunity for success here.

Children are NOT disposable! And if you believe they are, feel free to ship them to me. My home is always open. I’ll even accept them COD. I have a major airport less than 10 miles from my house. (OK, I’m guesstimating….) I take all ages.

Just love your kids! All of them. Every one. And if you can’t, seek God to heal your own heart first before you ask Him to heal the child’s. And if you can’t love, then let me introduce you to God….He is love.

Be kind…..and love your kids!

(and just to let you know, I pray these prayers over the Youth department too. I pray for every child in our Youth as well. If I’m involved in it, if I do it, I am on my knees before God.)