I’ve always been pretty good: I listen to my Momma, I treat others well, I don’t drink or do any sort of recreational drugs, I read my Bible everyday, I pay my taxes, and I’m quiet in the library.

Ya know, I never saw myself as much of a hellion…..

….til now.

Last Friday night, I had a session with a lady I had never met before to do Senior portraits for her daughter. Sweet, sweet mom….beautiful, polite daughter….and she really only wants 2 things: edgy Senior portraits and pictures on the railroad tracks that I’ve done a million times. Check and check! I’ve got you covered!

I take some amazing portraits of this gorgeous daughter:

And we finish up at the railroad tracks I always use. There are about 3 tracks there that merge into 2, and there is a big street that crosses the tracks, so it’s easy to get onto those tracks and not have to go too far off from the street. We were about 5 steps from the street and we’re taking some wonderful photos:

….when this man approaches us on the street in an orange reflector vest and informs us that he is a “federal agent” with the railroad and we are not allowed to be on the tracks.

NOT a problem! “I’m so sorry, we’ll go…..I didn’t know (ok, little fib there…I did know).” And with our apologies to the “nice” man, we walk the 3 feet back to the street.

Oh, but does Barney Fife just leave it at that? NO! We are obviously walking away, not on the tracks anymore and he calls out after us:

“Do you know that I could have you ARRESTED for this? It is against the LAW!”

Seriously? You can SEE that we are leaving…..dude. Really?

I was so embarrassed. But, nice, kind Dana, keeps her mouth shut! Because I’m good and stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But then……I have another Senior session last night in a little wooded area right outside of a fancy, shmancy neighborhood. I am not going INTO the gated community, I am staying outside…..and obviously taking pictures. I have no weapons hidden anywhere on my body, I am not sneaking any large caliber firearms in my camera……I’m carrying a camera. Senior dude is wearing a suit. Nothing in his pockets.

We never even approached the gates to their “forbidden kingdom“. Thank you very much, this poor chick will stay outside those pearly gates! I promise!

But no……they send security after us.


Again??? Are you kidding me?? Do I seriously look that scary that you have to send your goons to ensure your residents of the City of Gold are safe?

Sheesh. Ya just can’t take me anywhere….

Apparently, I’m a law breaker. I’m a hellion of some sort. Pam….Rachel, you may not want to meet up with me in Branson afterall, I may just get us thrown in jail. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But, I promise we’ll have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚