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Thank you, Shelle, from http://www.mommycantsing.com!

She caught her daughter during a sweet moment and wanted to capture the photo before she missed it. In times like these, TAKE THE SHOT! When you only have a second to get it or lose, take it, and then worry about fixing it later.

So this is the photo she captured:

It’s dark, the colors are all off and it is out of focus. Yes, I get all those things. But my Mommy’s-heart screams “YAY!! SHE GOT IT!”

So, now let’s worry about how we are going to fix it.

I lightened the photo first using levels with a little curves bump. Then I opened up my color adjuster and reduced the red and reduced the yellow. Pretty basic edits that anyone could do. (Oh I cropped it a bit too, I forgot about that.)

Now, important to point out: the photo was dark, when you lighten a photo that was dark to begin with, you are going to get noise. I have noise. If I had tried to sharpen the photo, I would increase that noise, so I didn’t sharpen it. Also, if I had tried to artificially bump the eyes, I would have made them look alien, so I left it alone.

There may be a photographer with MAD photo shop skills who could do it well….however, my photo shop skills are only mildly irritated…..nowhere near MAD yet.

So then I just wanted to have some FUN with the photo: I used Pioneer Woman’s seventies action because it’s my FAVORITE (and I’m really limited on actions because I’m po’ and can’t afford to buy any…..I know….sad, sad pitiful me. So I work the Pioneer Woman’s free stuff.). I then used Florabella’s overlay called Vintage Autumn to add a beautiful texture to it. (I HEART Florabella totally and completely. I wish I could afford the ACTIONS! Be still my heart!) Finally I did a burn around the edges and then reduced it A LOT (about 38%), then lightened the photo all over because I liked it lighter.

Then I used my phaunt action: whole lotta soul to do a lovely black and white.

(are you sick of me yet? Cuz you know I have ONE more……)

I am learning how to do some digital scrapbooking, so I did one just for fun!

Thanks for letting me play along! (I TRULY heartfaces!)


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