I wrote back in February how I felt like I had lost myself.   So I began that journey to find me. 

On the first day of my little journey, I took what I was hoping would be a BEFORE picture.  I’ve done this weight/diet/exercise thing so much of my life, and obviously, I’ve failed every time, so I honestly thought this time would be just like all the other times:  try, fail.  Try, fail.  Try, get frustrated, hate myself as I dug into that key lime pie and gallons of Pepsi, and fail yet again.  It’s a neverending, vicious, evil circle. 

But the end result has always been, I hated myself just a little bit more than I did before I started. 

So this time, I was trying something a little different.  Part of this journey of discovery of who I am, I am also drawing closer and closer to Christ.  Part of that journey is an excitement and a longing to become exactly who He created me to be!  Somehow, I don’t believe He destined me to be a super-stressed nanny during the day, it pays the bills, but it just doesn’t fill that desire that I believe God placed in my heart for something MORE.

But again, my excuse is always the same:  I look like this.  How can this go and do anything?  I’m overweight, I huff and puff going up my own stairs, and I’m afraid of everything! 

And yet……I did it anyway.  I went into it with the goal of “I can do this FOR Christ.”  I made a goal of 30 pounds by June 7th and no more Pepsi.  None.  Not a drop.  I have smelled it though, and put it down, but I did NOT drink it!  YAY ME!  I had a fridge full of Pepsi too when I gave it up, so it wasn’t like I didn’t have tons of temptation!  LOL  I went from 100 oz of Pepsi a day, to water. 

No, that is not a misprint.  That is sadly the amount.   I know it’s shameful.

And, I have been feeling little changes in my clothes, but when I look into the mirror, I see no change.  I see the same ol’ me.  Same big ol’ face.  Same big ol’ body. 

I weighed 2 weeks ago and I am down………ready for it?

27 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY ME!!!

So, yesterday, I decided to take another photo just to see if I could tell any difference.  No one else has said anything (NOT ONE PERSON!) so I figured, yet again, I have failed.  And then TODAY, I put them side by side in Photoshop.  

THIS is what I saw:  (cover your eyes if you are easily spooked)

Before and After

I SAW A DIFFERENCE!!  It’s subtle, but it’s a START!  It’s an IMPROVEMENT!  There is PROGRESS!! 

I’m on my way!  I’m excited!

And probably completely insane for posting my mug on my blog!!  UGH!  But it’s a start.  I’m not done.  I have 3 pounds to meet my goal and about 2 weeks to get there!   But I’m trudging on!

Be kind, and try something totally insane!

Dana, the incredibly shrinking woman 😉