What inspires you?

What makes you want to do the things you do?

What makes you ENJOY what you do?

What makes you DIFFERENT?

This is where I’m at.  This is what I’m struggling with right now.   My desire is to be DIFFERENT in my life and I want my photography to reflect that. 

These days, the cost of D-Slrs have come down so much in cost, it has made it easier for everyone to just pick up a camera and “instantly” become a photographer.  Everyone’s doing it!  They get it, and they think that instantly they are going to go into business to make a quick buck! 

(Don’t hate…..I see them…..I see what they are doing……I see the photos they are passing off as quality.  {shudder})

And don’t get me wrong, I thought to a small extent,  (I emphasize SMALL) it would be easy too!  I have this expensive camera, expensive cameras do all the work right?  I just have to push a button!  Line up the clients, I’m in BUSINESS!  Shoot in AUTO, let the camera do all the work, I won’t have to do a thing!  Instant business!  (again, I emphasize SMALL because I knew it would be a lot more work and learning than that.)

And these are the ones that will come and go.  People will come, get shoddy pictures, and they will go, never to return. 

So, how, in this oversaturated-with-get-rich-quick-photographer market,  am *I* going to stand out?  I’m not in this for a quick buck, I took forever to charge even a little bit!  I built my portfolio for 2 years before I went into “business” (and again, I use business in quotations because I’m doing some soul searching with my “business”).  

I’ve spent 3 years learning my camera.  Learning what makes it work to create the beautiful photographs.  I’ve learned ISOs and proper exposures, lighting, white balance, apertures, bokeh, incamera metering, and all of this is even BEFORE I get it off camera into photoshop!

And I still feel stuck.  Knowing all of this stuff is really good for taking proper photos, however, it says nothing for the creativity and the ART behind the photo!  I can copy another photographer out there, I can shoot anything and everything someone else has done before, but where is MY artistry? 

It does help that I was an artist before I ever picked up the camera.  Did you know that?  I’m a painter?  I’ve done portraits and landscapes, still life and abstract.  I’ve worked with oils, acrylics, charcoals, watercolors, india ink, and anything in between!  So I’ve learned composition and what makes art interesting to look at, at least to me.

So now, I’m left with trying to find myself in the Art of photography.  I don’t want to be run of the mill, I don’t want to look like every other photographer out there!  (Especially the UNtalented, uneducated ones!)

So, I’m looking to find what makes me happy.  What makes me LOVE shooting.  What my niche is.  What is MY style.

Be kind……..and figure out who YOU are!

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