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This Fix it Friday couldn’t have been better for this week dedicated to:

I love baby feet…..I’m totally in love with them!

Here is the original photo:

To improve the photo in camera, I would have shot this photo vertical rather than horizontal. (But, I am also a fan of taking the shot rather than losing the shot, but if you HAVE the time, try to set up the photo in-camera as much as you can.)

I used Pioneer Woman’s Boost action because I think it gives a nice little bump to photos, and then I reduced it to 60%. Then I adjusted the levels just a touch to adjust the contrast of the photo. Then I sharpened using USM at 80-2-0. Then, because baby skin is so hard to adjust I went into my color balance and adjusted the colors just a bit. Then cropped in just a little.

Then, for my FUN plays, I used Florabella Spring set II action: B/W rain. It’s just like an old vintage newspaper black and white. It just makes my heart sing! Love it.

For my last play, because I’m insane and can’t get enough of Florabella, I used her Spring set I action: Vintage spring and then added her frou frou texture reduced to 15% from her Textures set II. Is that not the dreamiest?? Florabella…..my love……I heart you. I will heart you forever.

OK, yes, that one is my favorite.  Yummy baby feet can brighten any mood!

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