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Goodness, I don’t even know where to begin.  God worked before, during, and He’s still working after!  It almost makes me crazy to try and wrap my brain around all He did through this past week!

We had 18 girls from the ages of 12-18!  They came from all walks of life, backgrounds, and were just a diverse group of girls!  Some were new to Faithweek, some were new to our church, and some we had never met before this week.

To say it was a challenge would be a vast understatement!

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But God was so good to us!  From the very first day of camp, to the last, He was present and working!  Even during that awful time some girls in the cabin decided to be silly girls, God still worked!  I am sad that 2 of the girls were distracted to the point that their possibility of being saved at camp was completely lost, but I trust that God is bigger than anything satan could use to keep these girls from being reached, so my prayer is the seeds were planted and they were not stolen away!  So keep these ladies in your prayers as well, they really are wonderful girls that are just lost.

What satan tried to use as an awful distraction, God used for His glory and we still had 2 girls in our cabin saved!  And we had girls that I’ve known for years, delivered from some terrible things!   I was shocked at the hurt and pain these girls have been living with, and at such young ages!  Don’t think that satan does not attack our young ladies with such terrible things at these young ages!  He does and God is willing and able to rescue us from our deepest, darkest ugly!

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Our girls were unified together in the closest of bonds Friday night!  God is faithful to us!  We had nightly devotions in our cabin and we had our Youth minister’s wife share Tuesday and really touched everyone in the cabin!  Her testimony is one that so many of us need!  Wednesday night, Hannah, the other counselor in the cabin with me (and one of my best friends) shared her testimony and it enabled several of the ladies in the cabin to forgive their father’s for not being the men that God created them to be!  Her testimony touched on varying past sins and how God has delivered her from them and we all cried!  She’s an amazing lady!

My testimony was Thursday night, and also coincided with the one of the hardest days of Faithweek I think I’ve ever encountered.  Satan tried so very very hard to ruin it for everyone, but God was good!  Satan may have stolen 3 of the girls for this time, but he will not succeed with their lives!  And God pulled our cabin back together stronger than ever!  We prayed together as a cabin, each holding hands, and we prayed for God to move on this camp and our cabin specifically in a HUGE way!  We would not let satan distract us from what God had planned for us to hear!  My testimony was hard to share just for the days events, but God refocused me and opened their ears and hearts to receive it!   I know of 2 girls specifically that it directly helped, but there were others that it touched I’m sure.

One of the biggest praises for me this week was Thursday night when I was able to pray with and over one of the girls that ended up leaving later that night!  For privacy reasons, obviously, I can’t share the full story, but just know that 1.)  God has a sense of humor, and 2.)  He is MIGHTY!   He gave me a forgiving heart and the ability to be used to share the message that He had specifically for this young lady!  We BOTH cried at the altar!

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It’s hard to describe a weeks’ worth of God’s miracles and workings!  Just know that I am thoroughly convinced that I am exactly where God has called me to be!  After praying for 2 years:  Lord, where do you want me? He told me clearly on the steps of the altar Thursday evening:  You are exactly where I want you to be.  Do not move from this place until I move you. So, working with teenagers is where I’ll stay until He moves me.

I just wish I could adequately express the vastness of God’s love for us.  I wish I could put into words how deeply God touched us this week, but words fail me.  It’s indescribable!   I wish we did Faithweek every 6 months!  LOL

Thank you for your prayers!  They were felt and they were needed!

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